Service Learning Magnet Program

2024-2025 Magnet Academy Applications

Deadline:  February 16, 2024

Fort Middle School Service Learning Magnet Academy is seeking students with a strong academic background and discipline, with a desire to use their knowledge and understanding of Georgia Performance Standards to complete service-learning projects in our community.  We are looking to create service leaders who will leave us and be successful at any high school.  Fort Middle School Service Learning Magnet Academy is committed to creating and incorporating Georgia Performance Standards, Common Core Standards and service- learning curriculum to train our future leaders.

The mission of Fort Middle School Service Learning Magnet Academy is to implement a service learning model which promotes the intellectual development of students in a safe, nurturing and rigorous academic environment in order to create successful, productive citizens of our global society.

Student Academic and Conduct Expectations
Students are expected to:

  1. Exhibit exemplary conduct at all time by adhering to the MCSD and Fort Middle School Service Learning Magnet Academy Behavior Code and Conduct Handbooks.
  2. Earn satisfactory participation in all required competitions/projects.
  3. Maintain a “B” average or better in all core academic subjects.
  4. Attend school daily and be punctual.

Magnet Students who fail to meet requirements may be placed on academic probation for one semester and removed from the program if improvement is not made.  Students whose home school is not Fort Middle School Service Learning Magnet Academy will be re-assigned to their home school if dismissed from the magnet program.

Program Overview

The curriculum at Fort Middle School Service Learning Magnet Academy will incorporate the Georgia Performance Standards, Common Core Standards, and a service-learning curriculum.  The service- learning curriculum will be based on the Service Learning Standards and the Your Service American Guidelines as described in the Semester of Service Strategy Guide.

Fort Middle School Service Learning Magnet Academy will provide service- learning and technology embedded instruction for all students and extended service-learning projects for magnet students.  The extended service-learning projects will allow magnet students to apply learned knowledge and skills to solve problems of local, national, and global importance through the development and implementation of high-quality service- learning research-based projects.

The service- learning component will link national service events through extended service-learning projects of approximately 75 hours over three years.  Magnet students will address meaningful community problems and their root causes that are connected to intentional learning goals and/or academic standards.

Benefits of Service Learning Academy

 Partnership with Columbus State University and the Pastoral Institute – a certificate from CSU received upon completion of the  3 year Service  Learning Program

· Accredited Service Learning School

· Service hours counted towards high school service hours for magnet program enrollment

In 2020, FSLMA sixth grade magnet students outdid themselves in regards to the canned food drive!

Ms. Madeline Boykin

Magnet Coordinator

2022-2023 Magnet Program Forms

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