Eighth Grade

Mrs. Carter’s eighth graders are all business and focused on their lesson!

All smiles under the mask of this eighth grader!

Janiya Griffin and Aden Jones were voted “Friendliest” for the yearbook superlatives!

Social distancing became a force of habit for Miss Myers’ Georgia Studies class.

Eighth graders Ayden Barnes and Aaliyah West make a hypothesis and then test it during their science experiment on how fish gills work.

Eighth grader, Xander Lafayette, quietly transitions out of his Connections class on August 13, 2021.

Mrs. Johnson, eighth grade ELA teacher, went all out on Dr. Seuss Day:)

Miss Sales and her eighth grade students strike a pose prior to grabbing a bite to eat 🙂

Jacinto Robinson and Clarence Buford love to play sports!

Playing the clarinet is no easy task, but this Patriot band member has mastered it!


MAY 20, 2021

The eighth grade Class of 2021 celebrated their graduation from FSLMA in a whole new way this year!  Due to COVID-19 restrictions on large indoor gatherings, the “Eighth Grade Procession” was born.  On May 20, 2021, all eighth graders and their families lined up their cars and drove through the bus loop to cheering crowds!  Cars, minivans and SUVs were decorated with yellow and blue balloons and congratulatory signs for the graduates!  These accomplished Patriots received their diploma, a yearbook, had a professional picture taken, and then turned in their Chromebooks.  The weather was beautiful and the procession was a huge success!  THANK YOU to all eighth grade teachers, parents, students and administration–you truly are the BEST in the WORLD!  GO PATRIOTS!