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A note from Athletic Director, Coach Shanakie Ward….

With over a decade of experience as an educator, this has been an amazing journey. Serving as a mentor to the youth and providing life long lessons has been nothing but short of amazing. As the Athletic Director for the last seven years, all programs under my leadership have grown exponentially. Past students have gone off to college from DI to D2 and excelled on and off the playing arena. To know that it all began here at Fort really makes me proud. I’ve seen the soccer team compete in the finals, the volleyball team compete in the semi-finals, the boys and girls basketball teams win multiple championships, and I’ve also witnessed the football team win several championships. Without parental support, this would not be possible. Volunteers at the concession stands, fundraising, and having a positive attitude makes it all happen.

Fort Middle School has been one of the top athletic schools in Muscogee County during my time here. If you want to win championships and develop as an athlete and person, Fort is where you want to be. With over five basketball championships under my guidance as the girls basketball coach and over three football championships, I cannot say enough about the competitiveness I have witnessed from these student athletes dating back since I became a teacher here. I have also witnessed two track championships, and being a winner feels really good. The thrill and excitement of teaching on and off the field, while also molding the minds of our youth is the best part of my job.  Currently, I serve as the athletic leader and I wear many hats; however, my goal for the future is to become an assistant principal. Fort Middle School has not only motivated me to strive for higher education, but it has also done this with the student athletes. The future is great for the Patriots here at Fort, and I can’t wait to indulge in many more years at the “Best Middle School in the World.”  


Shanakie Ward, Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Director of Fort Middle School


The Patriots Girls and Boys Basketball Team did it AGAIN! 





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