Welcome to Tiger Theatre!

Carver High’s Tiger Theatre is a high energy drama club that sets out to influence, inspire, and impact the community through performing arts. There most recent endeavors include:

  • “Lights. Camera. Curry!” A tribute to Tamera Curry Gill

  • “The Depth of a Heart” A heartwarming Tiger Theatre original stage play

  • “The Wiz”

Coming Soon are:

  • “The Wattsons” A Tiger Theatre original stage play

  • “Gossip”

  • “Purlie Victorious” The Musical

G.W. Carver High School Welcomed Ms. Georgia United States

Mini Tigerettes 

Page One Nominee!

Please show love for Marqui’Se White! He is our page one nominee for theatre, He also made it to the semi-finals in the August Wilson Monologue Competition.

Lights, Camera, and Action!