Tiger Counseling Family

Ms. Shari L. Thomas

Guidance Director

Senior Counselor / ACT Coordinator

Ms. Thomas


Mrs. Tosha S. Leake


Sophomores (A-L)/Juniors/Dual Enrollment Coordinator

Mrs. Leake



Freshman/Sophomores (M-Z)


Mr. Derrick Hayes

Guidance Clerk

Records Request


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I Love My Future Week

I Love My Future Week

I Love My Future Week

I Love My Future Week

The Fred Kirby Awards:


The Female and Male with the HIGHEST SAT Scores for the Muscogee County School District: Sterling Hensley and D'Erica Anthony.


Character Words of the Month from Guidance!


Week 33 Motivation Having a strong reason to act or accomplish something
Week 34 Courage To meet a challenge without giving in to fear
Week 35 Wisdom Good judgment; ability to make reasoned decisions; insight