Brian Shirley (H)

Michelle Peters (A)

Tryouts Start February 10, 2020

General Information

  • Meets will begin at 5:15
  •  All admission prices (for regular season contests) will be:MP900341360
    • $5.00 per adult (9th grade and up)
    • $2.00 student (K-8th grade)

Students need to be training NOW and building up endurance.

We will condition later in the school year and tryouts will be held in March.

Things to Consider

Playing time is earned in practice. Making the team does not guarantee participation in every meet. I will do my best give everyone a chance to run and participate in the field events, but there are no guarantees. We practice every day and everyone will need to be picked up ON TIME. Every parent will be given a practice schedule and you will need to arrange transportation for your son or daughter to be picked up at the appointed time. I will never leave your child here alone, so I can’t leave until they leave. I will be respectful of your time, please respect mine as well. We want your child to enjoy running, and participating in track & field as much as possible. Hard work and dedication will get us far!


  • All student athletes are required to have an annual physical examination by a physician before the first practice of the chosen sport.  This is also a requirement for pre-season conditioning and tryouts.  The signed physical form, player packet, permission form, emergency contact, and insurance card must be turned in to the Coach before participation in ANY team activities.
  •  The cost for participating is approximately $100.00.  This cost is subject to change as the exact number of players are selected but this includes:  uniform rental, t-shirt, sweat pants, hoodie, and athletic fee.
  • Each parent will be asked to bring 1 case or water or Gatorade at the start of the season, so we can have drinks for all players at every track meet
  • If you make the team, attendance at practice is MANDATORY.  We practice every day, Monday through Friday. If you miss practice you will have to run a mile or 10 suicides to make up your missed time.
  •  If you miss more than 3 practices you will be dismissed from the team.
  • Exceptions to this rule are serious illness, emergency and occasional participation in other school functions.


Click here to see the 2019 Middle School Track Schedule.