Beginning in August, Blackmon Road Middle School will be starting a chapter of the Jr. Tome Society (Middle School level).  The Tome Society does have a Reading Bowl competition that covers 10 books and includes 4 areas of competition.  A total of 15 students are allowed on the Reading Bowl Team.  

In addition to their Reading Bowl Competition, the Tome Society offers 23 other competitions throughout the school year. Below is a listing of those competitions:

  • Reading Bowl (Team Event – 3 online exams) – Team Registration deadline Oct 1st
  • Chapter Service Project Newsletter (Chapter Event – Spring submission) -student group works together to create a 1 page newsletter with article(s) detailing all the            activities the chapter has completed for our service project for the year
  • Chapter Digital Scrapbook (Group Event – Spring submission)  – create a chapter digital scrapbook to cover the BRMS chapter’s year of Tome activities, a “Year in Review”
  • Chapter of the Year (Chapter Event – Spring submission)
  • Best Chapter T-Shirt (Chapter Event – Spring submission) -design a t-shirt to represent the BRMS chapter
  • Tome Service Award (Individual Student – Spring submission) – students will complete 20 hours of literary service during the current school year by the Spring Submission Deadline (example: volunteering in the school or local public library, volunteering for local literacy organizations, etc.)
  • ​It List Book Trailer (Individual or partner: create a book trailer based on one of the current Tome Society It List books)
  • It List Book Review Blog Article -create a blog article discussing one of the current Tome Society It List books that you have personally read for use in the Society blog
  • It List Promotional Book Flyer – create a flyer advertising one of the current Tome Society It List books
  • It List Fan Art – create an original piece of Fan Art based on one of the current tome Society It List books that you have personally read.  This can be an illustration of a scene/character from a book or a redesigned cover
  • ​It List Poetry Competition – create an original poem from the point of view of a character in a current It List book
  • It List Book Review Vlog (Individual or Partner) – create a vlog discussing one of the current year’s It List books that you have personally read
  • Infographic (Individual or Partner) – create an infographic based on the topic of your choice
  • Tome Worthy Nomination –student will fill out the nomination form for a book that they have read and believe to be worthy of becoming a Tome It List nominee for next year.
  • It List Fan Fiction – create a fan fiction prologue or epilogue to one of the current year Tome It List books
  • It List Graphic Novel – create a prequel or sequel chapter of one of the current It List books in graphic novel format
  • It List Book Talk (In Person at TomeCon) –create a book talk discussing one of the current year’s It List books that you have personally read
  • Book Print Video -create a video sharing your “Book Print” of the 5 most impactful books in your life
  • Tome Techfolio – create a digital Techfolio including up to 25 of the activities listed in this competition description.  If interested, ask for a handout for this competition.
  • App Creation -students will create an original app individually or in pairs
  • Library Video Commercial (Team Event, 2-4 students) – create a video commercial for your local school or public library, students should plan, write, direct, edit, and produce the commercial in its entirety
  • Current Issues Competition (Team Event, 2-4 students) – create a current issues essay and portfolio: topics may include but not limited to current world, economic, environmental, health, and human rights issues.
  • Theme Essay Competition (17-18 Theme: Make Your Mark) – create an original essay inspired by the Tome Society Annual Theme

All of these competitions support the standards being taught in our classes and serve to strengthen the skills our students need in order to be successful in the future. All activities promote self-esteem, leadership skills, character ethics, and nurture critical thinking, creativity, and imagination in the digital age.

Since our chapter fees are based on the size of the school, any of our students may enter any of the competitions.  Students do not have to be on the Reading Bowl Team in order to participate in any of the other areas of competition. 

The Reading Bowl Team (15 students) will be in the media center daily for their ILT time.  Students that are working on projects for other areas of competition will meet with me periodically in order to monitor progress and help them stay on track to finish their projects on time for their competitions.

To learn more about the Tome Society, feel free to check out their website.

The Jr. Tome IT List for 2017-18

  1. Left Out—- Tim Green
  2. Listen to the Moon—- Michael Morpurgo
  3. Nine, Ten—-Nora Baskin
  4. Omega City—-Diana Peterfreund
  5. River Runs Deep—- Jennifer Bradbury
  6. The Girl Who Drank the Moon—- Kelly Barnhill
  7. The Nightsiders: The Orphan Army—- Jonathan Maberry
  8. The Scourge—- Jennifer Nielsen
  9. This is Not a Werewolf Story—- Sandra Evans
  10. Wishing Day—- Lauren Myracle