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Social Studies Department Members

Mr. James Aulner

Mr. James Bennett

Mr. Sean Ezekial

Mr. Aaron Guest

Ms. Vannicia Hooks-Jones

Mr. Justin Lewandowski

Mr. Larry McQuiston, Department Chair

Mr. Timothy Rollier

Why Social Studies Education Is Important To Your Child’s Future:

The Georgia Performance Standards for Social Studies were designed to develop informed Georgia citizens who understand the history of the United States and our place in an ever increasing interconnected world. It is essential that students understand their past and how that past influences the present day and the future.

To accomplish our goal of informed citizens, it is essential that social studies education:

  • Bridge essential understanding about the past to contemporary events.
  • Assist students in understanding the nature of historical inquiry and the role of primary and secondary sources.
  • Encourage the consideration of multiple perspectives on events.
  • Engage students in speculation about the known and unknown motives and actions of historic figures.
  • Integrate the strands of Social Studies.

The Social Studies Department at Spencer High School offers students a wide range of required and elective classes. Social Studies education is designed not only to teach students about our American Government and History so that they become productive citizens, but also to teach our students many of the skills needed to be successful in almost any career path. Social Studies education teaches critical and analytical thinking, research techniques, data and document analysis, and how to effectively work in groups to solve problems.

Social Studies education at Spencer examines history, geography, economics, government, psychology, sociology, religion, law, philosophy, art, literature and much more in order to develop students with a well rounded education about the role of mankind in our world. With our political and economic world becoming more interdependent each day, Social Studies education prepares our students to function in this global community.

Just A Few Careers That Benefit From Social Studies Education: 
Teaching, Business Management, Journalism, Foreign Affairs, Military, Government Service, and much more.

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