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For the 8th Graders

Scheduling Link for Current 8th Graders

Please click on the survey link below to choose your top three (3) pathways that will focus on creating your schedule for the 2023-2024 academic school year. Thank you and welcome to William H. Spencer High School, Home of the Greenwave!


For All Other Students

Scheduling Link for Current Students Grades 9 – 11


View My Academic Plan

An Academic Plan is a method for students to view their schedule for all 4 years. Students, we need you to review your plan and focus on the courses you are scheduled to take next year. Are they correct?

 Next Steps

  • Did you know that this plan is also posted in the Student Portal?
    • Click on the Menu bar (3 horizontal lines on the left)
    • Click Academic Plan
    • Click Next
    • They will be able to view all 4 years of their plan.
  • Review the classes scheduled for next year.
  • Feedback – We need all students to complete the survey to provide the scheduling team with feedback regarding scheduling concerns. Even if it’s correct, ALL students must complete this survey.
  • Share your schedule with your parents.
  • Important Reminders:
    • All students must have 7 courses on their schedule. If you don’t have 7 courses, ask your Advisement teacher what would they recommend.
    • Are you going to college? You need Spanish I and II
    • Have you completed a Pathway? You need 3 years of a Career class or Pathway?
    • Have you taken and passed PE/Health? The only way to opt out is to take and pass 3 years of JROTC.
    • If you are currently not passing a course, you will have to take it in Summer School or take it next year. Summer School is only offered to students with a final grade of 60 or above.


Course Electives



47.4500029 Automotive Tech I

47.4510039 Automotive Tech II

                   Automotive Tech III


Band – Drumline

53.0761019 Adv. Inst. Ensemble I

53.0762029 Adv. Inst. Ensemble II

53.0763039 Adv. Inst. Ensemble III

53.0764049 Adv. Inst. Ensemble IV

Band – (Trumpet, Clarinet, Saxophone)

53.0361019 Beginning Band I

53.0371019 Intermediate Band I

53.0371029 Intermediate Band II

53.0381019 Advanced Band I

53.0382029 Advanced Band II

53.0383039 Advanced Band III


53.0561019 Beg Orchestra I

53.0571019 Intermediate Orchestra I

53.0572029 Intermediate Orchestra II

53.0573039 Intermediate Orchestra III

Download (PPTX, 3.87MB)

Business and Technology

Business and Technology

07.4413019 Intro Business &Technology

07.4410029 Business and Technology

07.4510039 Business Communications



54.0211019 Beginning Chorus

54.0241019 Beginning Women’s Chorus

54.0221019 Intermediate Chorus I

54.0222029 Intermediate Chorus II

54.0231019 Advanced Chorus I

54.0232029 Advanced Chorus II

54.0233039 Advanced Chorus III



12.5440018 Intro to Personal Care Services

12.4100029 Cosmetology Services II

12.4110039 Cosmetology Services III

Foreign Language - Spanish

Foreign Language – Spanish

60.0710019 Spanish I

60.0720029 Spanish II

60.0730039 Honors Spanish III

60.0770049 AP Spanish


Gym – With JROTC

36.0520019 Physical Conditioning

                    Advanced Physical Conditioning

36.0540029 Weight Training

36.0640049 Adv. Weight Training

36.0660049 Adv. Body Sculpting


Gym – Without JROTC

                    Personal Fitness/Health

36.0520019 Physical Conditioning

                    Advanced Physical Conditioning

36.0210069 Intro to Team Sports



23.0320059 Journalism/Yearbook I

23.0330029 Journalism/Yearbook II

23.0350039 Journalism/Yearbook III



28.0310019 JROTC-LE I

28.0320019 JROTC-LE II

28.0330029 JROTC-LE III

28.0340029 JROTC-LE IV

Marketing Communications/Promotions

Marketing Communications/Promotions

08.4740029 Marketing Principles

08.4510029 Promotions/Professional Sales

08.4520039 Marketing Comm Essentials

Music Theatre

Music Theatre

52.0310019 Theatre Arts Music Theatre I

52.0320029 Theatre Arts Music Theatre II

52.03300 Theatre Arts Music Theatre III



11.4150019 Intro to Digital Tech

11.4710029 Computer Science Principles

11.4720039 Programs, Games, Apps & Soc

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

50.0211019 Visual Arts/Comp I

50.0212019 Visual Arts/Comp II

50.0213029 Visual Arts/Comp III

50.0240029 Visual Arts/Comp IV

50.2811049 AP Studio Art

Therapeutic Services/Allied Health Med

Therapeutic Services/Allied Health Med

25.5210019 Intro to Healthcare Sciences

25.4400029 Essentials of Healthcare

25.4370039 Allied Health/Medicine

AP Macroeconomics

AP Anatomy

AP Calculus

AP Statistics

AP U.S. History

AP English

AP Chemistry

Extracurricular Activities 


This club is a literature circle which is meant to give students an opportunity to use what they’ve learned about reading and understanding text in a student-directed and social context. Students meet once per month during their assigned lunch period.

Meeting Dates (The 3rd Thursday of each month)

Sponsor: Ms. Black


High School Drama Club is for students interested in the Performing Arts with a dramatic representation. The club offers acting education, a creative outlet for theatrically minded students, and a variety of theatrical productions for the Mighty Owls to enjoy.

Mr. Smith



The United States Academic Decathlon® is a ten-event scholastic competition for students. There is no fee for participation. .

Sponsors: Mrs. Rizvi


The Debate Club encourages a strong sense of group identity, when members feel that they are part of something. There is no fee for participation.

Sponsor: TBA


Members use creative writing and the performing arts as a means of self-expression and exploration. Students experienced the benefits of this auxiliary arts education in their intellectual, personal, and social development. This club meets bi-monthly and uses the Fountain City Teen Poetry Slam Founder as a resource.

Sponsor: TBA


Art club provides a creative outlet where students can join their peers in exploring new concepts in art. Members will do different art projects of their choice, and discuss how to further themselves as individual artists. Dues are $7 per student for supplies.

Sponsor: Ms. Brown


Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors that can be awarded to a high school student. Our chapter of NHS has worked hard to bring the accomplishments of outstanding students to the attention of parents, teachers, peers, and the community. The standards used for selection are:

  • Spencer HS membership requirements:
  • Only Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are eligible
  • 3.5 GPA (weighted/cumulative)
  • Attend monthly meetings (Only permitted to miss 3 per year, meetings will be conducted once a month)
  • 25 hours of community service (5 of which must be split between 2 NHS projects)
  •  2 – NHS service projects
  • Membership Dues $25.00

 Sponsor: TBA