Arrival, Early Checkout, and Dismissal Procedures

Printable Version of our Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Arrival Procedures

Dropping off students in the parking lot is not allowed.  This is not safe for our students as many cars are entering and exiting the parking lot during our arrival time. Parents dropping their children off MUST use the one-way drive next to the building.

  • Students may arrive to school at 7:00 AM (DO NOT drop students off before this time)
  • Students will enter their classroom at 7:30 AM.
  • Breakfast will be served from 7:00-7:40 AM in the classroom.
    • Breakfast closes @ 7:45 AM
  • Parents are not allowed to walk their students to their classrooms. Staff members are posted throughout the hallways ensuring students arrive safety to their classrooms.



Dismissal Procedures

River Road uses a computerized dismissal system called CurbSmart.

Please carefully read directions & information below. 

  • Due to safety reasons, please do not park and get out to walk-up.
  • We will stagger dismissal this year. We will begin dismissing:
    • Prek@1:50, kdg-5th @ 2:00
    • Walkers will be dismissed at 2:15
  • To keep lanes unblocked (especially for prek dismissal)
    • (a) park in parking lot to check out students &
    • (b) do not arrive extremely early for dismissal (no earlier than 2:00 for kdg-5th).

Car Pickup Procedures

  • Each student will have a pick-up #. Children in the same family will all have the same #.
    1. Parents will be provided a hanging car tag with #.
  • Car # will be entered in the CurbSmart system to notify the classroom/classrooms.
    1. The # must be entered. We cannot enter student names.
  • Cars will continue to pull forward & students will be walked to your vehicle.
    1. Roll forward, even if you see your child. We will walk child to you.
  • Do not switch lanes unless directed by personnel.
  • As returning parents understand, please be patient for the first 2-3 weeks.
    1. As kids learn procedures, dismissal becomes significantly quicker.



Early Checkout Procedures

Regular attendance is a vital part of the teaching-learning process. To maximize instructional time, students leaving school early will be called to the office when you arrive to check them out. Parents must sign the student out, giving time and reason for early departure. There are no student check-outs after 1:45 pm. For student check-out between 2:00 and 2:30, an appointment card from physician or dentist must be presented. Please make a note that students who leave school prior to 11:30am (and do not return) will be marked absent for the day.

Only those persons listed on a student’s record as having permission to check out a child may do so, and only with proper identification. The people you list on your child’s “permission to check out” list can check your child out of school at any time. Excessive early check outs cost valuable instructional time and will result in a referral to the school social worker to assist the family in developing a plan to minimize early check outs.

All adults checking students out must have a picture ID.