Arrival and Dismissal

Arrival Procedures

  • Students are not to arrive before 7:15.
    • This is for car-riders. Bus students may have earlier drop off.
    • For safety reasons, this will be strictly enforced.
  • Cars: please pull down the driveway to let students out.
    • Do not let kids off in parking lot. This is dangerous!
    • If there is a delay (life happens), please pull up so traffic can continue to move.
  • No parents will be allowed to walk students to class.
  • Masks ARE
  • Students will enter building and …
    • go directly to classroom if they do not want breakfast or
    • go through cafeteria to get breakfast
      • Breakfast will be provided for all students that want/need to eat.
    • They will be in hallway from 7:30-7:45.
    • @ 7:45, students will enter classroom.
    • Class will begin @ 8:00.

Dismissal Procedures

  • River Road uses a computerized dismissal system called
  • Please carefully read directions & information below. ________________________________________________________________
  • We strongly discourage walk-ups, except where a parent is walking home with the child
    • Due to safety reasons, please do not park and get out to walk-up.
  • We will stagger dismissal this year. We will begin dismissing:
    • Prek@1:30, kdg & 1st@2:00, 2nd-5th @ 2:20
      • Prek, Kdg & 1st grade students with older siblings will wait to be dismissed @ dismissal time for oldest sibling
    • Walkers will be dismissed at 2:30
  • To keep lanes unblocked (a) park in parking lot to check out students & (b) do not arrive extremely early for dismissal (especially for older kids).

Car Pickup Procedures

  • Each student will have a pick-up #. Children in the same family will all have the same #.
    1. Parents will be provided a hanging car tag with #.
  • Car # will be entered in the CurbSmart system to notify the classroom/classrooms.
    1. The # must be entered. We cannot enter student names.
  • Cars will continue to pull forward & students will be walked to your vehicle.
  • As returning parents understand, please be patient for the first several weeks. Dismissal will become quicker after the first few weeks.