Partner in Education

River Road Elementary School was adopted by W.C. Bradley Company in 1988 as part of the Partners in Education Program of the Columbus Chamber of Commerce and the Muscogee County School District.

W.C. Bradley’s mission as partner is to add value to the education of our young people through financial support and employee involvement. Financially, W.C. Bradley provides supplemental support in the purchase of instructional supplies, educational programs, field trips.  But the greater importance to W.C. Bradley is the involvement of their employees as positive role models for the children through programs such as Bradley Readers, Career Speakers, and judges for academic competitions. In addition, W.C. Bradley supports student achievement by providing awards and special recognitions.  W.C. Bradley strives to provide our students with encouragement, inspiration and rewards for growth and achievement.

Thank you, W. C. Bradley Company, for ALL you do!