About Our School

Our Mission: 

To inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential


Our Vision: 

MCSD is a beacon of educational excellence where all are known, valued, and inspired.


Our Values:

MCSD fosters a healthy organization where……

WE embrace equity and diversity

WE hold ourselves and others to the same high standards

WE commit to continuous learning and improvement

WE treat everyone with dignity and respect

WE serve the needs of others



School Hours: 8:00 am – 2:30 pm

School Colors: Blue and Gold

School Mascot: Eagle

School Theme: “Life is Better at the River!”



Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

As a PBIS school, our goal is to create a positive school climate in which students learn & grow.  Our philosophy when working with students to effectively manage their behavior to maximize learning is by setting clear expectations, teaching the expectations, and recognizing the expectations when we see them.  At River Road Elementary, we follow The River Road Way by being respectful, responsible, and safe.


The River Road Way Behavior Matrix

(The River Road Way)

We are…







  • I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
  • I will speak with a courteous volume.



  • I will take turns and share the equipment.
  • I will show good sportsmanship.
  • I will use table manners.
  • I will follow all directions given by staff.
  • I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
  • I will listen when others are speaking.
  • I will wait for my turn to speak.


  • I will only look at student work.
  • I will stay on the right side of the hall.
  • I will line up when the signal is given.
  • I will gather all of my belongings before entering the building.
  • I will get all things needed before leaving the lunch line.
  • I will put trash in trashcans.
  • I will leave my eating area clean.
  • I will have all supplies needed in class daily.
  • I will listen and follow all directions given.


  • I will use walking feet.
  • I will face forward and stay to the right  side of the hallway in a straight line when I am with others.
  • I will stay on the right side of the hall.



  • I will use the equipment for the intended purpose.
  • I will stay inside play area.
  • I will walk to and from the building using designated stopping points.
  • I will eat my food only.
  • I will stay seated.
  • I will walk to my seat, trashcan, and class line.
  • I will ask permission before leaving my area.
  • I will keep my area free of bookbags and other items.
  • I will not throw any items in class.