Welcome to Jordan Vocational High School College and Career Academy’s Magnet Open House!

“Jordan has provided me with opportunities I could not receive from any other school. Our JROTC program has taught me lessons in leadership, teamwork, and planning. JROTC was my first pathway, and I am now currently working on machining, which has taught me to be both accurate and patient. Machining is something that is only offered at Jordan, and I feel it has allowed me to really nurture my strengths because it is a very hands-on pathway.”

Brock Smith, Class of 2022

Pathways: JROTC and Machining, School of Industrial and Engineering Systems

“I chose Jordan because of how diverse the school is, and I knew I could meet people like me. My pathway that I am currently pursuing is JROTC. JROTC has taught me leadership skills and how to step out of my comfort zone. It has also opened up so many opportunities for me. Jordan was the right choice for me!”

Mayerlin Gonsalez, Class of 2022

Pathway: JROTC, School of Technology and Human Services

“I have completed the culinary pathway. In our culinary pathway, you learn really great leadership skills needed for a career in not just food service but also a lot of other careers and life in general. I chose to attend Jordan because this school feels like a big family, and I love the energy here. There is always someone who has your back, and you make lifelong memories with new people and form bonds you never knew were possible. Jordan is amazing.”

Kierra Bradley, Class of 2022

Pathway: Culinary, School of Technology and Human Services

What? Magnet Open House

When? 12/7/2023 @ 6pm


Please call 706-748-2819 to speak with Ms. Zitzelberger for more information about Jordan Vocational High School College and Career Academy’s Magnet Program. 


Magnet applications are open from 11/6/23 to 2/2/24.