JVHS CCA – Mission

The mission of JVHS CCA is to create an environment where teachers teach, students learn, parents participate, and our community entrusts that our students will be present, prepared, and professional upon graduation.

JVHS CCA – Vision

  • Academic Excellence
    • Being present, prepared, and professional
    • Attempting all assigned work/tasks
    • Seeking help if and when needed
  • Respect for self and others
    • Respect yourself first
    • Respect others and their property
    • Accepting responsibility for actions (positive and negative)
  • Servant Leadership
    • Community Service
    • Be a positive ambassador for JVHS CCA in the community

JVHS CCA – Values

  1. Own and be transparent about who, what, and where we are as a school. (data-driven)
  2. Create a family culture that supports, develops, and retains faculty and staff and creates a culture of excellence for our students. (support)
  3. Celebrate staff and students early and often. (recognition)