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IB Summer Assignments

There will be no MANDATORY Summer Work this year.  Richards Middle School is supporting the school district’s initiative of the Summer Learning Experience.   Students are taking advantage of the program being offered to help extend their education.  We didn’t think it would be fair to make the students have double the work.  Below are links to subject activities that teachers may give the students extra credit for completing.

We know how hard you’ve worked this past school year, especially navigating in-person, on-line, and hybrid learning environments amid a pandemic.  We wanted to provide enrichment activities that is VOLUNTARY to avoid brain drain during the summer.  Skills will deteriorate over time in the absence of practice and/or reinforcement activities.  We would like to offer the students an alternative to the fog of texting, video games, and watching of the television that the students utilize during their leisure hours of summer.  We would also like to encourage the students to have a different perspective of learning.  Learning is not limited to the classroom, and it is not about just acing the test.  Learning can occur at different times and different locations.  The IB teachers of Richards Middle School have designed the following activities that are enriching and expose the students to concepts that will be covered in the upcoming school year.

Time Management Projects for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade are listed below.  Students will visit these websites for a “sneak peak” of the projects the students will be working on this upcoming year:

Helen Ruffin Reading List

National History Day

PTA Reflections