Georgia Milestones

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Academic Dean:  Jennifer Ellis

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GMAS Test Prep:

Using a Chrome browser only, enter the following link to access the site:

Directions: All you need to do to access a test is to select the Test Practice button, select Online Tools Training and Test Practice under End-of-Course (EOC) or End-of-Grade (EOG).  For both EOG and EOC, you will have the option to explore the Standard Online Tools or the Online Accommodations of Masking, Contrasting Color, and Color Chooser.  You will find these under “Options” at the bottom of the screen.  If you select EOG, you will also select a grade band (3 – 5 or 6 – 8).  You will find the username and password on the login screen itself for the selected demonstration test.  Enter that information and click Sign In – and you are ready to go!  Additional information can be found on the Experience Online Testing Georgia page under Documentation.

As you prepare for this year’s administrations of Georgia Milestones using INSIGHT, another opportunity will be provided for students to practice within the online environment – this is referred to as the Secure Practice Tests.  This will involve students logging in to a secure course-specific test practice session, again for the purpose of navigating the online environment.  In addition, students will be able to practice with the accommodations specific to each student’s IEPs, IAPs, or EL-Test Participation Plans – such as the text-to-speech function for students that require oral readingNote:  The Chrome browser requirement does NOT apply to the Secure Practice Tests.

Test Prep Resources for Students