Dear Parents,
Welcome to Rothschild Leadership Academy (RLA), home of the Falcons – “Where We Train Students for Leadership”. I am honored to serve this community as assistant principal.

At RLA our faculty and staff work diligently to build a culture in which respect, leadership, and accountability are embedded in all we do. This empowers students to reach their academic best in a safe and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to engage in authentic learning, collaborate with peers, and take academic risks.

Research shows that parental involvement is a key to a student’s success in middle school. We need you to be active in your child’s education. Encourage him/her to read 30 minutes nightly. Discuss those characteristics which develop respect, leadership, and accountability. Communicate frequently with your child’s teachers, and support school activities and events.

Again, I am grateful to serve you and your child. I extend an open invitation to you to work with RLA in training your child for leadership. Please do not hesitate to contact me with suggestions, comments, or concerns.


Janele Deloatch

Assistant Principal