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Create meaningful experiences

Maximize your potential

Achieve academic excellence


            East Columbus Gifted and Talented Magnet Program creates an environment for excellence and a foundation for lifelong learning.
East Columbus Magnet students are presented with real world problems and create real world solutions. Be a part of a school that will help you connect the dots and eliminate the holes so often created in education.
            What factors into my child getting into the magnet program?
Your child will be evaluated on the following items and all of them will determine whether or not your child will be accepted into the magnet program for the following school year:
Entrance requirements for Magnet Program
  1. Complete an online Application by January 19, 2021
  2. Grade point average (B or above) from last school year and 1st semester of this school year (attach report cards)
  3. No discipline referrals
  4. GMAS Scores (Proficient or Distinguished levels) or other standardized assessment
  5. Teacher Recommendations -current language or math teacher and one other that knows the student well enough to speak on academic performance, behavior and attendance
  6. Entrance Exam – Dates ( next slide); Choose only one