Math Team 21-22

Students who are interested in joining the Math Team should plan to meet in room 243 on Wednesday, Sept. 22 from 4:00 – 4:45pm.

Academic Bowl Team 2021

Academic Bowl Team 2021

Congratulations to the 2021-2022 Aaron Cohn Academic Bowl Team! We appreciate all who tried out. We know you tried your very best. We are only allowed 10 spots per school year.  If you did not make it this year, please try again next year! Have a Growth Mindset!

1. Meagan Altig
2. Zach Bowman
3. McCray Bull
4. Alivia Kilpatrick
5. Henry Mason
6. Nicky Medico
7. Jack Puckett
8. Jacob Sanford
9. Dean Walker
10. Jacob Woods



Congratulations to Haley Heard and Cecilia Hunter for finishing 2nd and 3rd in the 2021 Presidents’ Day Visual Arts competition for the Jimmy Carter National Historical Park.

Science Fair Winners

Congratulations to our science fair winners!

1st Place- Jackson Woods

2nd Place-Martin Heim

3rd Place- Elliott Holmes

4th Place-Haley Heard


Honorable Mention:

Gabby Ware

Julie Penska

Annsley Corkron

Jacob Sanford

Roberto Diaz