2021 Volleyball Team

2021 Volleyball Team

Congratulations to the following for making the 2021 Volleyball team.
Practice tomorrow, Friday, 10/1 from 4-5:30pm.
Sidne Malone 8th
Amara Grace Shorter 8th
Whitley Sikes 8th
Keyrisamar (Katie) Ramos 8th
Skylar Toombs 8th
MaKenna Brunais 7th
Chandler Shorter 6th
Ella Kate Conkle 6th
Kaylee Newberry 6th
Football Team 2021

Football Team 2021

ACMS Football Team 2021-2022


Keon Absalom                                                             Bryson Nezat

Maxwell Adams                                                           Justin Radney

Caden Barber                                                               Shawn Robinson

Jamal Barnes                                                               Tatum Saville

Bernard Bogan                                                             Nadir Scott

Aaron Brooks (AJ)                                                        Anthony Smith

Kaleb Clark (KK)                                                          Otis Stephens

Noah Cline                                                                   Cordell Thomas

Donovan Colvin                                                           Bryce Thompson

Joel Fordjour                                                               Levi Thompson

Tee Franklin                                                                 Andre Thrasher

Jarius Goodman                                                           Aiden Whittaker

Jai Jackson                                                                 Keyon Williams

Jaiden Jackson                                                           Braxton Wilkerson

Sir Jones                                                                     Lorenzo Young

Braylind Lewis


Congratulations to everyone that made the 2021-2022 ACMS Football Team. #EMAL



First Practice Dates and Times:

Thursday September 30, 2021 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. (PRACTICES ARE CLOSED TO PUBLIC)

Friday October 1, 2021 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. (PRACTICES ARE CLOSED TO PUBLIC)



Please plan on attending the MANDATORY parent meeting Monday October 4, 2021.

The Zoom link is attached below:

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Volleyball First Cuts

Volleyball First Cuts

The following should report to the 2nd day of volleyball tryouts on Thursday.  Tryouts end at 6:00 pm.
Sidne Malone 8th
Ah’Nyah Butler 8th
Annsley Corkron 8th
Riley Craine 8th
Taylor Newsome 8th
Amy Pontecorvo 8th
Whitley Sikes 8th
Skylar Toombs 8th
AmaraGrace Shorter 8th
Jada Lee 8th
Keyrisamar (Katie) Ramos 8th
Alysa Szentadorjon 8th
MaKenna Brunais 7th
Janise Moody 7th
Jaelah Lykes 7th
Ella Kate Conkle 6th
Brylee Duncan 6th
Kaylee Newberry 6th
Chandler Shorter 6th
Kierstyn Guerrero 6th

Fantasy Football League 2021

Aaron Cohn Fantasy Football League


Total House Points Accumulated


Teacher House Points
Dr. Lawrence Magnitudo 25
Coach Stalling Bellator 50
Ms. Yarborough Bellator  
Dr. Anders Monticola  
Coach Lynn Ignis 50
Coach Jones Ignis  
Coach Branch Magnitudo  
Coach Woods Ignis  
Mrs. Fry Monticola  
Coach Richburg Magnitudo 25


 Week 4 – Judge Division Standings

Rank Team Record Winning % GB 1st Place Total Points Scored
1 Dr. Lawrence 3-0 1.000 455.48
2 Coach Lynn 3-0 1.000 398.02
3 Coach Stalling 2-1 .667 1 388.14
4 Coach Woods 0-3 .000 3 377.84
5 Dr. Anders 0-3 .000 3 302.46


Week 4 – Bulldog Division Standings

Rank Team Record Winning % GB 1st Place Total Points Scored
1 Mrs. Fry 3-0 1.000 396.44
2 Coach Jones 2-1 .667 1 373
3 Coach Richburg 1-2 .333 2 350.68
4 Ms. Yarbrough 1-2 .333 2 326.5
5 Coach Branch 0-3 .000 3 336.82



Week 4 Schedule

Game 1

Dr. Lawrence vs. Coach Stalling


Game 2

Coach Woods vs. Ms. Yarbrough


Game 3

Coach Branch vs. Coach Richburg


Game 4

Coach Lynn vs. Dr. Anders


Game 5

Coach Jones vs. Mrs. Fry


Week 3 Bonuses = Both earn 25 points for their house

Highest Team Score: Coach Lynn / 158.68 points

Highest Scoring Player: Coach Richburg / Josh Allen 37.22 points




Final House Points

Magnitudo 50
Bellator 50
Ignis 50