The school is named in honor of former Muscogee County School District Superintendent William Henry Shaw.

When Shaw High School opened its doors in the autumn of 1978, it was known as “a happening place.” Today, it still is! Step inside Shaw High School and discover why it remains as vibrant and exciting as ever.

Shaw High School offers a wide and comprehensive range of college preparatory coursework, as well as extracurricular activities. The opportunities to excel abound: a talented teaching faculty and a dedicated support staff continue to seek a vision that will provide the student body with the best academic instruction and “real world” applications that are available through the Career Technical Agricultural Education programs. Fine arts, along with those that teach personal fitness and nutrition, help create a well-rounded individual.

Shaw High School has grown as students prepare to look to the future. Today’s society is a challenging one. Instantaneous communication has made the world smaller. Through a strong and vital college preparatory communications program, one that incorporates and complements programs that are offered at Shaw, students are better equipped to succeed in an ever-shrinking world.

In 1998 Shaw became the first Channel One School in the Muscogee County School District. Shortly thereafter, the first television broadcast aired. The broadcast moved to a new studio in 2004 and from there, those students through the Mass Communications Academy. An award winning school newspaper along with the school’s yearbook, provided opportunities for Shaw students to participate in strong print programs. Within the last two years, Shaw has transitioned from a print newspaper to an on-line magazine. All of these efforts reflect a continuing quest to provide an exciting and comprehensive high school experience for the students who enroll in the Mass Communications Academy.

Come and join us at Shaw High School, where tradition meets innovation, and every student is prepared for success in the modern world.