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Shaw High School Athletics

Discover the passion and dedication that drive our athletic program at Shaw High School – Mass Communications Academy.

At Shaw High School, we offer a diverse range of sports teams that cater to the interests and talents of our students. From basketball and soccer to track and field, our athletic program is designed to foster teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. Sports play a vital role in our school’s culture, promoting school spirit and camaraderie among students. Participation in athletics not only enhances physical fitness but also teaches valuable life skills such as leadership, perseverance, and time management.  Join us in celebrating the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence.

Shaw Athletics

Cross Country Summer Workout


Coach: Preston Shackelford

Assistant Coaches:  Britton, Dorminey, Lovett

Basketball - Boys

Head Coach: Carlton Dickey

Assistant Coach:  Horton

Basketball - Girls

Coach: Charles Marquand

Assistant Coaches:  Bynam, Crowell


Head Coach: Vivien Special

Assistant Coach:  Felicia Brown


Cross Country

Coach:  Jose Ruiz


Head Coach:  Johnny Garner

Assistant Coaches:  Deloney, Fluellen, Fricter, Guess, Peacock, Pickett, Rambo,

Flag Football

Coach: Curtiss Moore

Assistant Coaches:  Peck, Pringle, C. Smith

Golf - Boys

Coach: Joey Peacock

Golf - Girls

Coach:  Blair Harrison

Soccer - Boys

Coach: Curtiss Moore

Soccer - Girls

Coach: Jose Ruiz

Assistant Coach:  C. Smith


Head Coach: Clinton Britton

Assistant Coach:  Bowman, Clark, Dorminey, Segars, 


Coach: Danielle Maddox

Assistant Coach:  Jose Ruiz

Tennis - Coed

Coach: Preston Waller

Tennis - JV

Coach: Guirlene Mimy-Mathews

Track - Coed

Coach: Je’vion Fluellen

Assistant Coaches:  McTyre, Segars


Head Coach: LaQuinta Gonzalez

Assistant Coaches:  Crowell, Rose


Coach: Juan Pickett

Assistant Coach:  C. Smith


Coach: Adams/Holcombe