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Dayeann Morrison-Willis

Congratulation to all RMS Debaters who competed today in the Atlanta Urban Debate League  State Championship held at Rockdale County High School in Atlanta GA. There were 400 students who competed today at the debate. Please congratulate our team members.  

 State Champions – Varsity Division (Team Award) – Undefeated

Kelly Tran & August Mobley

 State Champions – Novice Division (Team Award) – Undefeated

Raymond Yao & Anika Sridhar

 State Champions – Novice Division (Individual Award) – Undefeated 

Ema Cherasi

 Top Individual Awards

3rd Place – Raymond Yao – Undefeated

4th Place – Glen Jiles – Undefeated

7th Place –  Michael Marola

8th Place – Anika Sridhar

9th Place – Lauren Baker

11th Place – Irene Cheon

 Top Team Awards

2nd Place – Lauren Baker & Glenn Jiles – Undefeated

13th Place – Ema Cherasi and Irene Cheon

15th Place – Emma McClure and Michael Marola

CONGRATS again to our AMAZING debaters.  It’s a fantastic way to end this competitive season and I appreciate all of you, our parents, Columbus High School volunteers, and our debaters for bringing enthusiasm, good sportsmanship, and a sense of community to the tournament today.

Thank you!!


Please join me in congratulating our AMAZING debaters who competed on December 1, 2018 at the BEST Academy (Business, Engineering, Science, and Technology) in Atlanta Ga. The RMS team competed against 125 teams. All of our five teams took the top five awards in the novice division and were undefeated in all their rounds…..AMAZING!! Kelly Tran took 2nd place in the Varsity Division for Best Individual Speaker and was placed 3rd with her partner August Mobley for the Top Team Award.

Novice Division –Top Team Awards  (Top 10 Team awards were given out)

 1st Place – Anika Sridhar and Ema Cheraisi (undefeated)

2nd Place – Raymond Yao and Emma McClure (undefeated)

3rd Place – Lauren Baker and Gene Yoon (undefeated)

4th Place – Michael Morallo and Cameron Rutherford (undefeated)

5th Place – Glen Jiles and Irene Cheon (undefeated)


Best Individual Speaker Awards ( Top 50 Individual Speaker awards were given out)

Novice Division

1st Place – Raymond Yao                            9th Place – Lauren Baker                                    

3rd Place – Anika Sridhar                          14th Place – Emma McClure

4th Place – Blackmon Road                      17th Place – Glen Jiles

7th Place- Gene Yoon                                21st Place – Blackmon Road                       

8th Place – Michael Morallo                     27th Place – Irene Cheon

                      34th Place – Cameron Rutherford

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Dayeann Morrison-Willis

Dayeann Morrison-Willis

Debate Coach