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A Virtual Option for Students in Muscogee County School District

Lighthouse Virtual Academy Commitments

What Lighthouse Virtual Faculty and Staff agree to:

  • Provide a high-quality education catered to the needs of your students.
  • Provide orientation for all newly enrolled students.
  • Give timely feedback to all student assignments.
  • Support every child.
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Students Agree To:

  • Complete mandatory Student Orientation which will cover Canvas & other software.
  • Check Canvas daily for feedback, upcoming assignments, class announcements, support sessions and resources.
  • Submit assignments on time according to their pacing plan.
  • Participate in Daily Live Lessons on Zoom by engaging in the live lessons using your microphone and camera.
  • Respond to teacher feedback. 
  • Participate in asynchronous self-manage coursework.
  • Utilize our Navigator Block as dedicated time for Canvas assignments to be completed and participate in 1:1 support sessions with the teacher.  This dedicated time is not a “time off” for students.
  • Not to schedule outside commitments such as employment during instructional time.

Parents Agree To:

  • Complete mandatory Parent Orientation which will cover Canvas & other software.
  • Provide a space dedicated for virtual learning set-up for student to work quietly and without interruptions.
  •  Ensure your student has their laptop/computer and wireless access to complete their class work.
  •  Monitor your student’s daily attendance.
  • Create a Canvas Observer account to monitor scholar performance.
  • Have a dedicated family member serve as a Learning Coach for your student.
    • Learning Coaches check-in w/their student daily to help monitor progress towards learning goals.
    • Verify work completion
    • Check grades in Canvas
  • Help student respond to teacher feedback
  • Communicate with your child’s Advisor and respond to phone calls and emails.
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