Characteristics of a Successful Virtual Learner

Parents are encouraged to use this “quick quiz” to determine whether you should explore the Lighthouse Virtual Academy with your student.

True False Evaluation Question
My child participated in virtual learning during the 2020-2021 school year, and he/she had a successful year.
My child works well independently, with little supervision. (self-motivated, rarely needs reminders or assistance in completing routine assignments, has time management skills, etc.)
My child has access to a quiet and distraction-free environment for participation in required virtual class meetings and completion of independent work.
My child has daily access to high-speed internet before, during and after regular school hours.
My child will  be free from other obligations during the hours of 8:30-2:45; student should not be expected to work, provide childcare, etc.
My child is excited about the opportunity to participate in virtual learning.
My child has grade level academic skills across content areas (e.g., Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies, etc.) My child received at least a 70% in all courses this year, as measured by Report Card end of year grades from 23/24school year or if home schooled, the equivalent to report card grades
My child can read at grade level to be successful in understanding the online reading material presented. (Minimum of 1040 lexile based on STAR Reading or equivalent assessment)
My child is at grade level in Math. (Based on STAR Math or equivalent assessment.
My child has demonstrated the ability to write clearly and communicate ideas with a variety of writing assignments. Students will use email, discussion boards, chat, and essay type questions to communicate with their instructors and peers.
The courses offered within the virtual program are acceptable to our family.
Our family is willing to commit to the Virtual Program for the entirety of the 2024-2025 academic year.

If you answered true to all items above, your child may be a suitable candidate for the Virtual Program.