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For inquiries about applying for Lighthouse Virtual Academy please email or call 706-748-5453.


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During the 2023-2024 School Year we will serve 8th Grade – 11th Grade


What kind of classes will Lighthouse Virtual Academy offer?

We will offer student in 8th -11th  grade  courses that will help them to be successful learners. 


8th, 9th, 10th and 11th Grade Lit


Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II


Physical Science, Biology, Earth Systems and other upper level sciences

Social Studies

American Government/Civics, World History, and US History


All 9th graders are required to take Health/PE 



Spanish I and Spanish II


Based on registration requests

CTAE Courses

Possible course offerings:

Business & Technology, Cybersecurity, Marketing, Computer Programming

Learning Virtually

Completely Virtual

Lighthouse Virtual Academy is a completely virtual option for your education. There will be times during the year when students will come to a “brick and mortar” building, but all learning will be virtual. Make a yearlong commitment to learn virtually at Lighthouse Virtual Academy. Space is limited.

Build LifeSkills

Life Skills are important for Success

Virtual learning helps build skills in order to succeed in life. It is important to be able to effectively communicate with others, solve problems and manage your work. Let Lighthouse Virtual Academy help you build these skills to be successful in your school work, as well as, being successful in your future.

Am I Eligible?

Eligibility Criteria

MCSD will allow any interested parents / guardians of MCSD students in the rising 9th or 10th  grades the opportunity to apply to Lighthouse Virtual Academy for the 2022-2023 school year. Lighthouse Virtual Academy is not an appropriate instructional model for all students. Parents should carefully review the information on this website and consider whether LVA is an appropriate environment for their child. If your student was not successful doing the virtual option during the 2020-2021 school year, consider the Checklist for a Successful Virtual Learner and this website when making the best decision for your student. If you answered false on the checklist, virtual learning may not be an appropriate choice for your student. Additionally, students must have attained a 75% or higher on grades in all classes attempted during the 2021-2022 school year, be on grade level in Reading and Math, and no discipline incidents which resulted in suspension or expulsion during the 2021-2022 school year. We will look at scores in STAR reading and math or equivalent assessment to determine grade level status. 

Lightouse Virtual Academy

Come Join Us at Lighthouse Virtual Academy, and let us help you          Navigate Your Own Success!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and equip all students to achieve unlimited potential.

Our Vision

The MCSD is a beacon of educational excellence where all are known, valued, and inspired.

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