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Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support

What is PBIS?

Behavioral support is provided for ALL students school-wide.

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What do students and staff members gain in PBIS schools?

  • All students develop, learn, and enhance their social, emotional, and behavioral competence to support their academic engagement.
  • All educators develop positive, predictable, and safe environments that promote strong interpersonal relationships with students through teaching, modeling, and encouragement.

What do students and educators experience when PBIS is consistently implemented throughout the school?

  • Reductions in major disciplinary infractions and antisocial behavior
  • Improvements in aggressive behavior, concentration, prosocial behavior, and emotional regulation
  • Improvements in academic engagement and achievement
  • Enhancements in perceptions of organizational health and safety
  • Reductions in teacher and student reported bullying behavior, peer rejection, and substance abuse
  • Improvements in school climate

How does PBIS contribute to the development of positive school climate, school safety, and student-educator relationships?

By establishing positive, safe, caring, and interactive learning environments, educators develop trusting relationships with their students who in turn experience schools as safe and responsive environments where their diverse needs, strengths, and learning are supported.

Source: National Center on PBIS, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports: Questions and Answers. Retrieved from GaDOE.

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