Along with participating in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme, Clubview follows the Georgia Standards of Excellence as required by the Muscogee County School District. The performance standards provide clear expectations for instruction, assessment, and student work. They define the level of work that demonstrates achievement of the standards, enabling a teacher to know “how good is good enough.” The performance standards isolate and identify the skills needed to use the knowledge and skills to problem-solve, reason, communicate, and make connections with other information. They also tell the teacher how to assess the extent to which the student knows the material or can manipulate and apply the information.

On Site Gifted Program

Beginning August 2016, Clubview students who qualify as state identified gifted will be served on Clubview campus following all IB and gifted guidelines. Clubview is blessed with a number of teachers with certification endorsements for gifted. We combine models including resource, cluster and collaborative. Essentially classroom lessons are enhanced and monitored for appropriate gifted services AND the students are pulled out to gather with grade level peers who are also state identified to experience even more! We are excited to have this opportunity to take our IB units to the next level!

Foreign Language

The Spanish program at Clubview is designed to introduce students to the language and culture of Spanish speakers throughout the world. Music, art, dance, drama, and technology are an integral part of our lessons to engage and challenge students. Our program supports IB PYP instructional practices for additional languages through content based instruction that creates a deeper understanding of units of inquiry and broadens the perspective of students to include understanding of cultural practices and products of Spanish speakers throughout the world. For more information go to the Spanish Class web-page.

Visual Arts

The Clubview Visual Arts curriculum is a comprehensive combination of state standards for the Visual Arts and the core framework of the IB PYP program. Students create amazing works of art using a wide range of techniques and media while working to enhance their visual problem solving skills. A variety of different concepts and themes are explored throughout each grade level. Throughout this process, students continually engage in contextual discussions on past masters, various cultures, and contemporary pioneers. Above all, we encourage a sense of self and a strong work ethic.

Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the total development of a child. At Clubview, the goal of the physical education program is to provide progressive, developmentally appropriate lessons to encourage and reinforce the importance of a lifelong, healthy lifestyle. Grades K-2 will focus on refining the basic locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills. Grades 3-5 will incorporate more sports skills with an emphasis on fitness enhancement. Please come visit our classes anytime and insist your child wear tennis shoes on his/her assigned physical education day!
The music program at Clubview is based on the Georgia Performance Standards in Music Education and uses the Orff Approach to learn these standards.  The Orff approach is named after the German composer/ music educator, Carl Orff, who developed a music education philosophy that is based on active music making and developing creativity.  Students regularly sing, dance and play simple instruments to learn the basic elements of music.  Students also integrate their classroom IB units in the music class by helping make connections to the concepts of the IB units.
Classroom guidance lessons are taught each week by Lisa East, the school counselor. All classes, kdg-5th, attend guidance every other week. Some of the topics include: character education, bullying, study skills, drug education and awareness, friendships/conflict resolution, stranger danger, feelings, self-esteem, diversity, careers, etc. Please contact Mrs. East if you have questions/concerns about guidance lessons.
PYP Exhibition
The PYP exhibition provides the culminating experience of the learner’s engagement with the PYP. It unites the teachers, learners, and parents of the class in an activity that captures the essence of the PYP: transdisciplinary inquiry conducted in a spirit of personal and shared responsibility. It marks a rite of passage, both symbolic and actual, from PYP to MYP. Most importantly it is a celebration; an event in which synthesizes all that is best in the PYP and shares it with the whole school community.

The PYP exhibition is an extended collaborative inquiry which is undertaken by students in their final year of PYP. It is suggested that the exhibition replace the unit of inquiry addressing the theme “Sharing the Planet” during the final year. The subject of the exhibition inquiry should be a real –world issue or problem, local or global, which is of sufficient scope and significance to warrant an extended investigation. The class generates relevant and realistic proposals for solutions to the selected issue and therefore the exhibition requires students to apply their learning of previous years.

The exhibition should represent a significant event in the life of a school; encapsulating the essence of the PYP and encouraging younger students to look forward to their final year in the PYP programme. Some of our previous IB exhibitions were: Homelessness Is Not Hopelessness, Calling for a Cure for Cancer, Military Means the World to Me, Books for Belize, Pay It Forward, and H2O for Life.