Important Information Regarding COVID-19

A Message From Your Principal

Good Evening Raider Parents and Students,

This Dr. Hendrick – Principal of Shaw High

We are at the end of our grading period.  All packets and any other student work should be returned to the school by May 8th.  For those that do not have Wi-Fi,  you may drop off the completed packets to be graded on May 7th and May 8th from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM each day. The teachers last day to finalize grades will be May 12th

Parents, we need your help!  In the next few days, we ask you to please check your parent portal or contact your child’s teachers to make sure your student completed the remediation requirements or enrichment course work to have a final average of a 70% or higher.  Final report cards will be mailed home. 

If you or your student needs assistance, please do not hesitate to email our teachers.  For those that have Wi-Fi, all instructional assignments and materials can be found on CANVAS.

  • Teachers will be available each day during their identified office hours to answer questions or to assist all students.
  • If you or your student needs assistance, please do not hesitate to email our teachers or log into CANVAS to speak with our teachers during their office hours.  Times of office hours can be found on the Shaw High web-page.  Administration can be contacted through email or text SHS Administration at (706) 566-7415. 

If your student is interested in dual enrollment, the information can be found by clicking the counseling section on our web-page or emailing our counselors, Mrs. Cypert (12th) or Mrs. Alexander (11th). 

Senior Parents:

We are asking all seniors to pick up their senior cap and gown and memorabilia on Tuesday, May 5th at the following times:  


Students With Last Names:

A – J            Pickup from 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

K – P           Pickup from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Q – Z           Pickup from 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM

If you missed your assigned time, you can come from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM  

In order to ensure the safety of our staff workers and you, pick-up will be via drive-up delivery service.  WE ask that when you drive up to the designated point, you open your car trunk and a Shaw representative will bring your package out and put it in your trunk.  Please make sure you thoroughly read the information in the memorabilia bag for it will provide you with upcoming information about pictures, grades, graduation, and diploma pick-up. 

If your student is interested in dual enrollment, the information can be found by clicking the counseling section of our web-page or emailing our counselors, Mrs. Cypert (12th) or Mrs. Alexander (11th).

Please be reminded that the school is officially closed; therefore, students and parents are not allowed in the building and our internal mailing system is not operable.  I know many of you have questions about picking up senior items such as cap/gowns, returning Chromebooks, and cleaning out lockers. As of right now, we are awaiting further instructions from the State Department of Georgia and MCSD on how we will proceed and when we will be able to allow students in the building.  When we receive that information, we will let you know and we will provide you with an efficient game plan that will ensure the safety of you and our students.

We thank you for your flexibility, patience, and your continued support of our teachers and administrative staff as we navigate together through this season to ensure our students complete course requirements.

We pray safety and many blessings to you and your family.  Have a blessed week, and remember at all times, “It is Great to Be a Shaw Raider.”

Shaw High School’s Parent Instructions to Check in on Your Student Canvas Account

As we are all operating in “unchartered waters,” we feel that it is important to give you all the tools needed in order to help you be able to help your student(s) remain successful here at Shaw. 

The following documents will be instrumental in helping you stay aware and knowledgable of what and how your student(s) is doing while we are attending school virtually:

Creating a Parent Canvas account – this is the online tool that we use to communicate and receive student assignments.

Important Information to Know

Below are some links to some frequently asked questions:

Important Information to Know

Please click the link below for some helpful information; supporting families during COVID-19. This information comes from the Child Mind Institute. 

Graduation Requirements for MCSD
A minimum of 23 credits are required for graduation
Students should successfully complete one course in each row per subject area to meet minimum state and school district requirements.
*GA Milestone Assessment required.

Language Arts (4 credits required)
* 9th grade Literature OR Pre-AP 9th grade Literature
10th grade Literature OR Pre-AP 10th grade Literature  OR ESOL
* American Literature OR AP Language & Composition/Am. Lit
Multi-Cult Literature OR AP English Lit. & Comp. OR ESOL

Mathematics (4 credits required)
* GSE Algebra I   OR   Accel. Algebra/Geom
*  GSE Analytic Geometry   OR   Accel. Geom B/Adv. Algebra
GSE Algebra II   OR   Accel. Pre-Calculus
GSE Pre-Calculus  OR  Statistical Reasoning  OR  Math of Finance  OR  AP Calculus  OR  College Readiness Math

Social Studies (4 courses required – 3 ½ credits)
* American Govt.   OR   *Pre-AP American Govt. (½ credit)
World History   OR    AP World History
* US History   OR   AP US History
* Economics   OR   AP Economics

Science (4 credits required)   **sequence may vary
* Biology   OR   Pre-AP Biology
* Physical Science   OR   Physics
Environmental Science   OR   Earth Systems    OR   Chemistry
4th Science option

Physical Education (1/2  credit in each is required)
Personal Fitness

Specific Electives (at least 3 required)   must be in CTAE course and/OR Fine Arts course and/OR Foreign Language

Additional Electives (at least 3 ½ required)    Any elective.

Magnet Program Completion Requirements
Journalism I  OR  Fund. of Telecommunications
Audio & Video Technology & Film I
Audio & Video Technology & Film II
Audio & Video Technology & Film III   OR   Web Design
Intro to Digital Technology
Digital Design