Graduation Requirements for MCSD
A minimum of 23 credits are required for graduation
Students should successfully complete one course in each row per subject area to meet minimum state and school district requirements.
*GA Milestone Assessment required.

Language Arts (4 credits required)
* 9th grade Literature OR Pre-AP 9th grade Literature
10th grade Literature OR Pre-AP 10th grade Literature  OR ESOL
* American Literature OR AP Language & Composition/Am. Lit
Multi-Cult Literature OR AP English Lit. & Comp. OR ESOL

Mathematics (4 credits required)
* GSE Algebra I   OR   Accel. Algebra/Geom
*  GSE Analytic Geometry   OR   Accel. Geom B/Adv. Algebra
GSE Algebra II   OR   Accel. Pre-Calculus
GSE Pre-Calculus  OR  Statistical Reasoning  OR  Math of Finance  OR  AP Calculus  OR  College Readiness Math

Social Studies (4 courses required – 3 ½ credits)
* American Govt.   OR   *Pre-AP American Govt. (½ credit)
World History   OR    AP World History
* US History   OR   AP US History
* Economics   OR   AP Economics

Science (4 credits required)   **sequence may vary
* Biology   OR   Pre-AP Biology
* Physical Science   OR   Physics
Environmental Science   OR   Earth Systems    OR   Chemistry
4th Science option

Physical Education (1/2  credit in each is required)
Personal Fitness

Specific Electives (at least 3 required)   must be in CTAE course and/OR Fine Arts course and/OR Foreign Language

Additional Electives (at least 3 ½ required)    Any elective.

Magnet Program Completion Requirements
Journalism I  OR  Fund. of Telecommunications
Audio & Video Technology & Film I
Audio & Video Technology & Film II
Audio & Video Technology & Film III   OR   Web Design
Intro to Digital Technology
Digital Design