Parents Please Read for Important Informationn Regarding Your Student(s)

Parents, as we all travel through this “unknown” and unprecidented time, we want to make sure that we are doing everything possible to keep our students focused on their education. We will provide you with important guidelines and directions to help you (and us) remain Shaw United in helping your student maintain that focus on their education. Together, we will get through this!  Additional information may be found under the “Welcome” heading. #ShawU



A Message From Your Principal

Here is an important letter to parents from our Principal, Dr. Hendrick.

Shaw High School’s Parent Instructions to Check in on Your Student Canvas Account

As we are all operating in “unchartered waters,” we feel that it is important to give you all the tools needed in order to help you be able to help your student(s) remain successful here at Shaw. 

The following documents will be instrumental in helping you stay aware and knowledgable of what and how your student(s) is doing while we are attending school virtually:

Creating a Parent Canvas account – this is the online tool that we use to communicate and receive student assignments.

Important Information to Know

Below are some links to some frequently asked questions:

Important Information to Know

Please click the link below for some helpful information; supporting families during COVID-19. This information comes from the Child Mind Institute. 

Supporting Families During COVID-19

MCSD Safety and Security Protocols

Your child’s safety and security are of our upmost concern! Please click on the links below to read our policies on emergency drills, visitor identification (Raptor) policy, and reunification protocol.








Back to School Student Information:


Student Dues: All dues must be paid in cash only.


  • Freshman – $25
  • Sophomores – $25
  • Juniors – $60
  • Seniors – $60


Parking Permits: All fees must be paid in cash only.


  • $10
  • Students must have a permit if they drive to school


Lockers: All fees must be paid in cash only.


  • $10
  • One locker per student – students may not share a locker


PTO: Paid directly to PTO – Cash only


  • $6 – Individual PTO
  • $15 – Family PTO
  • $25 – Family PTO with Raider Bag 







School Closure Information

Shaw Parents and Students, as you all are aware Shaw High School, along with the other schools within MCSD are closed due to COVID-19. While there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in our schools and community, we will proceed with an emergency closure, in light of the public health emergency declared by Governor Brian Kemp on Saturday. The closure is effective Monday, March 16-April 24, 2020.

Below is some important information that you all may need:

Learning Continuity Letter to Parents

Parents, please read this important letter from our Principal regarding our school’s closure.

Logging Into Clever From Home

Please click here, for more information about logging into Clever from home.

Teacher Office Hours

Our teachers will be available during this closure to assist with student learning. Please click here for a full list of your student’s teacher, their office hours, and mode of contact.

FAQ’s Instruction

Please click here for some frequently asked questions about Instruction.

FAQ’s Athletics

Please click here for some frequently asked questions about Athletics.

Free Wi-Fi Access – School Closing

Please click here to learn more about Free WIFI access during the school closure.

Link for the Proximity Course for Algebra 1 and Geometry




Senior Parents

If you have not had your individual senior parent meeting with Ms. Cypert this school year, it is imperative that you call the guidance office secretary, Mrs. Barrington, or email Ms. Cypert to set up a time to meet within the next few weeks.  Ms. Cypert must meet with all seniors and their parent or guardian. 



As a reminder, emails for Student Checkouts are NOT allowed unless it is a documented emergency. Checkouts may be done by guardians in person through our Attendance Office. If your student is a driver, you may send a parent note that it is ok for the student to check out at a certain time. You must include your name, phone number, and signature for this to be verified by our front office staff.

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Parents, we thank you for your continued support of reminding your students of the importance of abiding by the rules and regulations that govern our building.  United, we can ensure Shaw is a school in which all are valued and inspired. 

These are the announcements for this week.  Have a wonderful week and remember at all times we must:

Be accountable; Be engaged; Be kind; Be a Raider!


Important Information  

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Important Student / Parent Links

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