Dear parents,

My name is Adriana Smith. I am the Spanish teacher at Clubview Elementary. I have been teaching Spanish for 16 years and I look forward to teaching your children. Beginning Monday, Aug. 27th, at the start of each new chapter, I will give study guides to the homeroom teachers with new words to learn. The teachers will place the study guides in the homework folders. We usually do projects with the vocabulary words for 3-4 weeks per chapter since the program for Spanish is only one class a week. It is very important for students to learn one or two words every night, and then review them as much as necessary (this is similar to how we learn to speak as infants).  At the end of every chapter, each 3-4 weeks, I will quiz the students on their comprehension of the vocabulary. These quizzes are only one part of a student’s grade. In-class projects and participation are also an important part of the grade. Parental support to learn vocabulary is crucial for your children to learn as much as possible. It is much easier for them at this stage, so your participation will be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes, 


Señora Adriana Smith