Mr. Marty Richburg

Mrs. Nila Burt
Assistant Principal

Mr. Nathan Laney
Assistant Principal

Mrs. Natalie Teasley
Assistant Principal



Mrs. Buckholz – Family and Consumer Science

Mr. Jeffcoat – Architecture and Drafting

Mrs. Killingsworth Web and Digital Design

Mrs. McNelly Introduction to Healthcare Sciences Essentials to Healthcare Sciences Sports Medicine 

Mrs. Branch Introduction to Healthcare Science

Mrs. Clay Northside Marketing Education & Work Based Learning

Mrs. Styers Northside Marketing Education

Mr. Tharpe  Fire & EMS

English & Language Arts

Mrs. Akers

Ms. Clements

Mrs. Collier

Mrs. Cooper

Mrs. Grizzard

Mrs. Macphail

Ms. Mobley

Mrs. Ramirez

Mrs. Scarborough

Mrs. Trepp

Mr. Trowell

Summer Reading for General Ed & Dramatic Writing

AP Lang Summer Reading

AP Lit Summer Reading




Useful Downloads and Links

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Front Office

Mrs. Villegas

Mrs. Foy – Clinic

Mrs. Lowry

Mrs. Steines

Mrs. Thomas

Fine Arts

Mr. Harper Theatre

Ms. Hostetter – Orchestra

Mr. Stokes – Art

Ms. Ward – Chorus

Mr. Thompson Northside High School Band

Foreign Language

Señor Calle

Señora Colmenares

Señora Shackleford

Señora Livingston

Useful Websites and Links:

Conjugation.Org Conjuguemos VHL Central


Mrs. Dean – Guidance Director/ Students A-Go

Mrs. Moffett – Front Desk

Mrs. Randolph – Students Gr – O

Ms. Redondo – Dual Enrollment

Mrs. Rolison – Students P-Z



LTC. Hernandez 

SFC Johnson Northside JROTC


Mr. Buchanan

Mr. Collins

Mrs. Cooper

Mr. Folta

Dr. Gillis

Ms. Lang

Ms. Perkins

Ms. Sapp

1st and 2nd Block – @mstillm to 81010 4th and 5th Block – @7f60f80 to 81010 6th and 7th Block – @gsean to 81010

Mr. Stotser

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Winchester


Mr. Alexander – ISS

Mr. Buckholz

Ms. Gibson

Mr. Goodlet

Ms. Lee

Ms. Oliver

Ms. Owens

Ms. Sanchez

Ms. Ramsey

Ms. Sanchez

Ms. Smith

Ms. Sturdivant

Ms. C. Thomas

Ms. M. Thomas

Ms. J. Walker

Ms. L. Walker

Ms. Woolfok

Physical Education


Coach Dean

Coach Hidle

Coach Ingram

Coach Johnson

Coach Oropeza

Coach Sparks

Science/ Magnet

Mr. Bass

Ms. Beckwith

Ms. Carollo

Mr. Hightower

Ms. Odom

Mr. Redmond

Mrs. Seckinger

Mr. Sellers

Mrs. Thompson

Ms. Walker

Mrs. Wilson

Social Studies

Mrs. Albers

Mr. Haralson

Ms. Hughes

Ms. Kraus

Mr. Lee

Mr. Postell

Mrs. Rogers

Mr. Torres

Mr. Tuite

Mrs. Walker

Mr. Wilcox

Special Education


Mrs. Ball

Ms. Barlow

Ms. Butterfield

Ms. Davidson

Mrs. Dial

Mr. Freeman

Mrs. Fuller

Mr. Garner

Ms. Gentry

Mr. Harper

Ms. Harmon

Mr. Jenkins

Ms. Lowe

Mr. Peacock

Mrs. Rahim

Mrs. Riles

Ms. Robertson

Ms. Roper

Ms. Shepherd

Ms. Sprague

Ms. Tatum

Ms. Tillman

Ms. Woods

Anne Elizabeth Sheperd Home / AULT Academy

Meredith Shepherd

Assistant Cross Country Coach

Head Track & Field Coach