Here’s how you can get reading, right now

  1. Log in at and enter your log-in information
    School Name: Get Georgia Reading (Type the first few letters and select your school from the drop-down menu.)
    Username: muscogeecounty
    Password: read
  2. Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading!


Columbus Public Library


School Library Media Specialist

Alice M. McClellan

If you are locked out of your student account, you may email Ms. McClellan to unlock it.

  • You can log into Destiny from Clever.

  • Select Lonnie Jackson Academy

  •  Log in to our library

    • using your network username (GTID number)

    • and password (initpass for grades P-2 and your birthday in the form of mcmmddyy for grades 3-5).

  • We have E-books that you can read from home.

  • The Tumblebooks library is now an icon in Clever.

    • This library contains hundreds of books you can read on line!

Elementary Student Login to Clever at home directions:

Download (PDF, 561KB)