Cherokee CTAE

Career, Technical and Agricultural Education

What is CTAE?

Career, Technical and Agricultural Education (CTAE) provides academic skills and real-world experiences necessary to build fulfilling careers in the 21st Century. In CTAE programs and courses, students are prepared for post-secondary education and immediate employment after high school. CTAE prepares Georgia’s future workforce and industries to compete in the global marketplace.

Career, Technical and Agricultural Education is a vital component of the total education of an individual and is available to every student in Muscogee County School District who needs it, desires it, and can benefit by it. Our purpose is to equip these students with the fundamental academic, technical, and leadership skills they will need to be successful. Through partnership between education and industry, the Career, Technical and Agricultural Education curriculum will provide students with a solid foundation for their further education and future careers

CTAE courses at Kendrick High School

Business & Computer Science

Business & Computer Science

Graphic Arts Technology

Engineering, Drawing & Design Technology

Healthcare Science Technology

Family & Consumer Sciences

Marketing Education