Verification Day

On Tuesday, August 1st, students can pick up their schedules, get a bus pass, rent a locker, buy gym and spirit wear, and meet their teachers anytime from 3pm- 6pm.

Below is the student handbook which includes information about the daily schedule, dress code, and more.

ACMS Student Handbook

Suggested Supply List

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A big thank you for all you do!

Georgia Movie Academy

Congratulations to the following students who submitted a movie for the Georgia Movie Academy Competition: Kerwin Cannon Gianni Ingurgio Maggie Goodpaster Aabia Soomro Kendall Simmons Rihyona Robinson Maddie Reynolds

Track Team

Congratulation on making the track team!  Please plan on attending the MANDATORY parent meeting tomorrow Wednesday March 1, 2017. It will be after practice located in the cafeteria at 5:30 p.m.  Be prepared to make a payment of $70 (CASH ONLY). Cost for track: $70...

MCSD Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Dilan Shah for placing third at the county-wide spelling bee today!  We are proud to have you as an Aaron Cohn Bulldog!

CV Tech Winners

Congratulations to Nic Green, Mohammed Nayeeb, and Paxton Wright for their win in the CV Technology Fair!




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