Principal Richard Green

Aaron Cohn Family,

                It is with sadness that I inform you I will be retiring as the Principal of Aaron Cohn Middle School on June 30, 2020.  Seven years ago we opened this outstanding school and I have enjoyed serving and loving all of you with everything that I have.  Our staff has been committed to providing the very best experience for anyone that is affiliated with our school.  However, to call it a school is factually correct, but to me it has been a second home.  My hope and prayer is that your experience has been similar to mine.

                In the time to come we will continue to push for excellence as we finish this school year.  Nothing in our day to day operations will decline.  I have complete faith in the leadership of Dr. David Lewis and know he will choose a leader that will elevate Aaron Cohn Middle School to even higher levels.  Our staff and students are the backbone of our success and that will make the transition easier for everyone.  Aaron Cohn Middle School will continue its quest to be the top middle school in Georgia.  Thank you for trusting us with your children each day.


ACMS School Improvement Plan

ACMS Office Staff

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Assistant Principal – Dr. Stefan Lawrence 

Academic Dean – Rebecca Duncan



Secretary – Joy Thompson 


Finance Clerk – Karen Reely 

LEA – Michelle Atcheson

Office Clerk – Jhameria Bowie