Principal Richard Green

Who am I?

I believe it is important for everyone to know who I am and what I believe. You or your child is here with us daily and we need to extend some level of comfort. I have written my core beliefs of education for you. However they are for me, too. Seeing them here will always remind us of why I act the way I do.

  1. Our students are our customers. We must earn their interest and trust.
  2. Teachers are leaders and should provide direction daily.
  3. Students must be presented with engaging work that is worthy of their commitment.
  4. Relationships are vital to student performance.
  5. Educators must collaborate to provide the best possible experience for our students.
  6. Educators should build learning platforms vs. teaching platforms. Students should be pulling information out of educators instead of us pushing it on them.
  7. Public education should be the backbone of our society. It should provide students the opportunity to reach their highest aspirations.


ACMS School Improvement Plan

ACMS Office Staff

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Assistant Principal – Dr. Stefan Lawrence 

Academic Dean – Rebecca Duncan



Secretary – Joy Thompson 


Finance Clerk – Karen Reely 

LEA – Michelle Atcheson

Office Clerk – Jhameria Bowie