Technology Purchasing Information

Instructions for purchasing technology

Apple iPads

Purchase of Apple iPads

The Muscogee County Department of Technology Learning and Support can assist you in procuring Apple iPads for your school or program. There are some things to know when you work with Apple to purchase iPads.

To receive any support from the Division of Information Services, you must purchase all Apple products directly from Apple and not from any third-party retailer (Best Buy, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc…). Purchasing directly from Apple gets education pricing and back-end support that is unavailable from other sellers. Please contact our Apple sales rep for information and quotes:

Rock Daigle, Inside Account Executive
Apple Education
Apple Inc.
(512) 674-2828
Order status:

A few things must be purchased alongside the iPad itself:

  • 3 year Apple Care Warranty
    • This extends the coverage from 1 standard year to 3, and allows for a replacement iPad to be purchased for $50 if a student/staffer breaks one.
  • Jamf Pro School Perpetual license (now a one time purchase)
    • Jamf is the Mobile Device Manager we use to keep your iPads up to date, secure, and easy to work with in large numbers.
  • A worthwhile case, we recommend the STM Dux case, but feel free to find what works for you.

Once you complete your purchase and your iPads arrive, please do not try to unbox and set them up. Our TLS department will help ensure proper setup. Contact us by submitting a work order with the following information:

  • The Apple SALES ORDER number or a typed list of all the iPad serial numbers in an excel spreadsheet.

The TLS department will send out a Technical Support Specialist to setup your iPads. Using Jamf,  they can setup enough iPads for an entire class in a matter of minutes.

If you would like to request student apps that are not already available in the Self Service Portal app that is on the iPad, consult the following article:

If you would like to receive device training for your faculty, contact your school’s Learning Innovation Specialist or place a work order for the request. If the devices are for the Program for Exceptional Students (PES), contact the PES department head for training requests.

Virtucom Purchases: Desktops, Laptops, Chromebooks, and Accessories

Computer Accessories

This is the quick quote site for Virtucom for computer accessories like batteries, monitors, mice, cables, and more.

Submit a work ticket at to get the Username and Password for the virtucom quick quote site. The username and password will also be sent out to all school administrators and Media Specialists periodically.

Adobe Creative Cloud Purchase Information

Adobe Creative Cloud

The district uses a VIP number through our vendor to purchase the product.  The purchase is made through August of each year.  If you are purchasing for an entire school for more than 3 licenses you will contact Roger Jacobson to request a quote. Once you have requested a quote, the vendor will be contacted.  Once the vendor responds to Mr. Jacobson with the quote it will be forwarded to the school who requested it. Once the purchase has been made the the following will determine what information needs to be sent to Roger Jacobson.

  1. If this is for instructional classes – the course/section number and teacher with a list of all student names with GTID numbers in an Excel file.
  2. If this is a small number of individuals – a list of email addresses to match the number of licenses purchased should be sent to Roger Jacobson to be added to Adobe Creative Cloud.
  3. Under this new district license, each school location will be authorized 3 Adobe Creative Cloud licenses to be determined by the school principal.  This will be requested to be added by work order/ticket by submitting the names / email addresses. (updated 5/24/2018)


Adobe CC programs do change over time:

Creative Cloud Apps currently include:

SSI Audio / Video Solutions

Contact Austin Lawrence at 706-748-2048 or 

Printer Scan Cards

Ordering Additional Scan Cards for the Sharp Printer

Visit the website listed below to order additional Scan cards. Please note that the unit price decreases as your order quantity goes up, so plan accordingly.

You should not punch holes in these cards yourself, as you could damage the internal chip. If you have any special requests or questions, you may reach out to their team directly via email at

Additionally, if the above product should be out of stock, please contact the Division of Information Services and we can provide you with alternatives that have been tested and approved.

If it asks you for any options in the checkout basket do not choose any.

Gutenberg Printer Copy / Print Allocations

Gutenberg Copies

  1. Only the school principal can request more color copies be allocated for their school.
  2. The request must come through a work order or call 748-2271.
  3. Due to district allocation you may not get all the copies that you request.

Raptor Supplies

Ordering Additional Visitor Labels and/or Tardy Passes

Visitor Labels and Tardy Passes have been issued to all schools. Additional labels and passes will need to be ordered through Raptor.

Please visit the website listed below to order additional Visitor Labels and/or Tardy Passes.;jsessionid=1CC52593361883ED8A2E6E02840492DD.p3plqscsfapp003