A Brief History of Double Churches School……. as it appeared in the school’s handbook in 1958.

The opening date of the first school here is unknown, but is believed to have been about 1885. The school is said to have been originated by Mr. Aaron Land, Mr. Miles Wade and Mr. J. L. Biggers. The building was located on the same grounds as the present day school. Property for the school was originally donated by the Primitive Baptist Church of this community. However, more land was purchased in 1950 from Mr. Richard Chaplin, in order to enlarge the playground.

In 1919 the school burned, but the 2-room structure was quickly rebuilt. Additional rooms were added in 1932, 1937 and 1939. The fifth, sixth and seventh rooms, along with the auditorium and the lunchroom were added in 1944 and 1945.

Bus transportation began in 1934 with Dana Cartledge as driver. Two more buses were added in 1938 and 1948 respectively.

Mrs. Levie M. Hubbard served as the principal of the school from 1929 until 1949 when she was succeeded by Mr. H. H. Boddie. Mr. Boddie served as principal for 8 years and was succeeded by Mr. Llyod O. Thrasher who came in September of 1957 as the school’s first full time supervisory principal.

Since 1958…….. there have been many improvements and unbelievable growth in our school and community. In May of 1975 a new annex was dedicated. This addition provided the school with 12 new classrooms and an enhanced school media center. Even this massive addition only provided temporary relief for our rapidly expanding school. The fifth grade building, art, and music rooms were later added. With funds from the Muscogee County 2003 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST), new computers were placed in all classrooms and the computer lab in 2008, with more expected in 2009.

There have been many changes, BUT one constant remains….. Double Churches is an outstanding school with a reputation for achievement. Mr. Charles Hidle, the principal in 1977 stated in the school’s handbook of that year that the school is responsible for providing motivating, challenging, and innovative learning experiences which develop the student’s ability to think critically, and to express himself or herself intelligently. Over 30 years later this is still our goal and as we move from our school’s past to the present and look to the future we hope to follow the leadership of those in our school’s past and always strive to provide all of our Double Churches students with a quality education.