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Mrs. Stephanie Dalton-Faulk


Mrs. Elizabeth Lester

Assistant Principal


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Faculty & Staff Directory
Blanchard is using Canvas as our Learning Management System to include classroom learning, school communications, and online information. Blanchard parents are encouraged to download the Canvas Parent app for classroom and school communications. Request a pairing code from the classroom teacher to link Canvas Parent with the student account.

Stephanie Dalton-Faulk Principal
Beth Lester Assistant Principal
Osie Huling Elementary Dean
Patricia Miller Secretary
Karen Eldridge Office Clerk
Bianca Willis Counselor
Blair Gordon Clinic Worker
Traci Rivera Library Media Specialist
Katie Holbrook Music Teacher
Avery Bradshaw Art Teacher
Michelle Peters PE Teacher
Ellen Tidwell Cafeteria Manger
Clary Smith Cafeteria
Rachel Staley Cafeteria
Lauri Holbrook Cafeteria
Lavonda Craverns Cafeteria
Fabiana Bocock Computer Lab Paraprofessional
Blair Borum Teacher
Kennedy Eldridge Teacher
Ronica Forte Teacher
Stephanie Allison Paraprofessional
Lakeisha Jones Paraprofessional
Trudy Tillman Paraprofessional
First Grade
Hae-Jin Kim Teacher
Ann Marie Sanders Teacher
Alison Smith Teacher
Teresa Szabo Teacher
Jessi Martin Paraprofessional
2nd Grade
Monica Harris Teacher
Jan Highnote Teacher
Amy Martin Teacher
Cynthia Corbin Paraprofessional
3rd Grade
Tracy Barnes Teacher
Christina Chartier Teacher
Taylor Cromie Teacher
Scott Stafford Teacher
4th Grade
Janet Malcomb Teacher
Sydney Poe Teacher
Mike Williams Teacher
5th Grade
Kamisha Alexander Teacher
Angela Pate Teacher
Melissa Phelps Teacher
Resource Team
Bejewel Brown Teacher
Wynn Owen Teacher
Brittany Moher Teacher
Sarah Shirley Teacher
Briana Shoulders Teacher
Kimberly Reece Teacher
Amelia Biggs Occupational Therapy
Samantha Christmas Paraprofessional
Whitney Poss Paraprofessional
Kristy Griffin Paraprofessional
Alicia Jackson Paraprofessional
Chi Riles Paraprofessional



Differentiated Instruction

Our teachers are excellent at meeting the instructional needs of each student at Blanchard. Social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs are met through passionate, innovative, and individualized instruction.

Innovative Ideas

Blanchard educators achieve academic rigor in innovative ways.

Advanced Technology

In collaboration with the library media specialist, students learn 21st century skills using a variety of technology tools. Technology is integrated into lessons and showcased in various ways.

Clear Communication

We work hard to help you understand your child’s education. We communicate via our Blanchard app, emails, text messages, phone messages, newsletters, web site, social media and more. Families are always welcome to call and visit our school at any time.