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Student Honor Code

Honor Code

William Henry Spencer High School expects students to uphold standards of honorable conduct. The stakeholders (students, faculty and parents) of William Henry Spencer High School initiated this honor code. It sets standards and serves as a guideline for classroom instruction regarding ethical behavior. To uphold the Honor Code, students are encouraged to report known violations. If a student observes another student committing an Honor Code violation or acting illegally, the student should notify a teacher, Assistant Principal(s), or Principal. Teachers who have knowledge of an Honor Code violation shall notify the Assistant Principal of Discipline.

Under the William Henry Spencer High School Honor Code, all persons are expected to:

  • Demonstrate respect for all people in our school and community as well as for the school as an institution. This includes, but is not limited to, respecting the religious, ethnic, social and economic background of all members of the school and community. Prejudiced conduct because of religion, race, gender or ethnicity is prohibited.
  • Demonstrate honesty in all matters. Lying, cheating, plagiarism, and stealing are serious offenses (see below for a definition of Cheating and Plagiarism). If a student is uncertain about whether certain conduct constitutes cheating, the student should ask the teacher for clarification.
  • Protect the property of William Henry Spencer High School and its community. Students are responsible for preserving the campus. Littering, vandalism, and malicious mischief are prohibited.
Dress Code

Dress code


It is not the intent of the Muscogee County School District to dictate the quality or style of clothing worn, but rather an effort to encourage good habits and acceptable group behavior. Student dress and personal appearance should reflect dignity and pride in oneself and in the school. Therefore, a student shall not dress, groom, or wear or use emblems, insignias, badges or other symbols where the effect thereof is to distract unreasonably the attention of other students or otherwise to cause disruption or interference with the operation of the school.

It is prohibited for any student to wear clothing items which advertise alcoholic beverages, sex, tobacco, obscene, crude or suggestive messages or use of profanity. Designs or insignias that are part of a haircut, satanic symbols, gang-related badges, insignias and colors; logos or symbols with denigrate social or ethnic groups are also prohibited. “Fake” alcohol or drug advertisement is also disallowed.

Dress Code and Policy Do’s and Don’ts: Student/Parent Copy for Your Records
1. No sagging
2. Shirt must be tucked in
3. Students may not wear slashes in eyebrows
4. No extreme haircuts or colorings in hair (i.e., male students wearing red/blonde dye in hair)
5. Student may not wear hats, head bands, du rags, wraps, or bandanas
6. Students may not wear slides
7. Students may not wear sweat pants
8. Students may not wear athletic shorts
9. Students may not have holes in pants
10. Students may not wear leggings/tights as pants
11. Students may not wear tank tops
12. Students may not wear spaghetti strap tops
13. Students may not wear headphones, ear buds, blue tooth devices, etc…
14. Students may not use cell phones and/or electronic devices in the building or during school hours
15. Students may not have any food/drink or candy/gum in class
16. Students may not leave cafeteria with any food
17. Students may not have any public displays of affection
18. Students must adhere to all policies within the MCSD and school handbook


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