Advanced Placement courses + Computer Science & Gaming Pathways dedicated to diverse learners who seek to gain college and real world experiences.


 The Academy of Computer Science and Electronic Game Design offers:

  • Magnet Curriculum

  • Robotics

  • Web Design


Program Also Includes: Extracurricular Activities, Careers, Dual Opportunities in Technology, College Credit, Columbus State University, Columbus Technical


What Makes Us Different?

  • SAT Highest Growth in Muscogee County

  • Increasing Graduate Rate

  • CCRPI Growth

  • Congressional Black Caucus Rising Star

  • Football State Playoffs

  • Every Senior must have a Post-Graduate plan before graduation


Advanced Placement Courses and Award Winning Program

  • Studio Art, Computer Science

  • English Language

  • Calculus AP

  • Biology

    Spanish Language

  • Statistics

  • American Government/Politics

  • Chemistry

  • Physics


MOWR & Advance Placement Opportunities:

Columbus State University, Columbus Technical College


Our Awards & Recognition:

Vex Robotics, Best Robotics & Georgia Tech., AP Bowl, Lockheed Martin, ITSEC NCWIT, Page One, Governor Scholarship Award, U.S. Presidential Scholar, Georgia Tech., Rising Star, Congressional Black Caucus, SAME Scholarship Recipient to Airforce Academy Engineering Camp

Technology Career Facts:

Growing markets earning over $13 billion

5 video game companies in Georgia

Average Salaries are from $32,500 to $50,000 annually