Intentional Damage or Loss/Theft of the Chromebook


The student is subject to, and must comply with, all District policies, procedures, and regulations as outlined in the District’s Handbook & Code of Conduct and MCSD’s RUP (Responsible Use Policy).  A violation of any of these policies may result in a loss of privilege to use the Chromebook, appropriate discipline action and/or restitution. Schools should follow the building-level procedures for re-issuing a device to a student that intentionally damaged their device.



Board Policy JS:  Student Fees, Fines, and Charges


The Muscogee County School District Board of Education retains the right to charge students a reasonable fee for restitution of lost, damaged, or abused school system property, including textbooks, library books or media materials.


Below are the parent and student technology replacement flat fees:

  • Total Chromebook Replacement Cost – $100.00
  • Replace Lenovo USB-C Charger Cost – $10.00
  • Chromebook Tablet Replacement Cost – $100.00
  • Chromebook Tablet Charger – $10.00
Chromebook Gumdrop Case – $20.00 Chromebook Sleeve – $10.00
Hotspot (T-Mobile) – $20.00 Hotspot Charger – $10.00
iPad – $100.00 iPad Charger – $10.00

Parents should look in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal to see any fees that have been assessed.

A damage device “Frequently Asked Questions” FAQ is here:


Damage Device FAQ


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