Skills USA and FBLA

By: Chelsea Williamson

Interested in film or public safety? How about business and leadership? If your answers were yes, then Skills USA or the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) are two clubs to consider joining! Skills main purpose is to connect students to career success. It is perfect for students interested in film, construction, or public safety. FBLA teaches on the subject of business and leadership. Both are incredible organizations to consider.

Skills is a student run organization in which students compete at regional, state and national levels in categories such as: audio, film, tech, construction, and public safety. Skills members also achieve a real world readiness. Skills member, Daniel Santos, states, “Skills lets you experience the things you learned in school in the real world.” Skills is a great way to learn outside of class. Skills USA leader, Mrs. Miller, states, “Students learn employability skills outside of the class room.” If Skills USA seems like the club for you contact Mrs. Kinkade, Coach Huffman, Mrs. Miller, or Mr. Courvelle for additional information. It costs $15 dollars to become a member and potential members should locate Mrs. Kinkade and give the money to her.

FBLA is another club that offers real world readiness to students who have an interest in the business world. FBLA also teaches students professionalism and etiquette. FBLA leader, Mrs. Boatner, states, “FBLA prepares students for life after high school in more ways than just business.” FBLA members also compete in categories related to business, web design, and finance. They also compete at regional, state and national levels. They have a $15 dollars membership fee as well and interested students should contact Mrs. White, Mr. Jacobson, Mrs. Boatner, Mrs. Kirkland, and Dr. Nichols.

Skills USA and FBLA both offer advantages within and outside of the main purposes of the organizations.  Students can succeed in the clubs and collect not only extended knowledge, but also medals, and rewards. They also supply students with characteristics like leadership, teamwork, and professionalism. There is no doubt that Skills and FBLA are important clubs that will leave members beyond satisfied.