Hashtag Dress Code

By: Savannah Smith

In Muscogee County, the month of August is when school starts. New challenges and opportunities are given to students, along with the responsibility of adjusting to new schools and new rules. In Shaw High School, students also have the responsibility to adjust to the new changes that were made by our new principal, Mr. Herring.

Students have been making the mistake of breaking dress code, either out of ignorance or disregard. Students were given a student hand book that give them information such as the dress code, by their advisors on Wednesday, August 10th. Breaking dress code can lead to severe consequences such as, in-school suspension, better known as “ISS.”

Students don’t realize how serious breaking dress code is, because to them ISS isn’t a “punishment.” A student whose name will not be mentioned stated that, “ISS isn’t really bad…it’s basically a chill zone.” Students who break dress code once, get sent to ISS for the entire day and are not allowed to be in any academic & exploratory classes.

After the first offense, the days of ISS multiply. The ISS teacher, Mr. Figgins, gave his opinion on students who get sent to ISS for dress code. “I get very disappointed because every school has knowledge of their dress code.”

We’ve been very lenient on dress code lately.” Sweatpants are not to be worn at school until given permission by the principal himself. Mr. Herring himself said that, “Sweatpants are not to be worn as of right now. I’m thinking about it, but as of right now…no.” Students are expected to follow the dress code, by teachers and administrators. Though students are still adjusting to new changes in the school, “it’s great to be a Shaw Raider.”