New Editions to the Raider Family

By: Chanel Williams

Another great summer has passed and another school year at Shaw High School has begun. Welcome back to all of the returning students and the new ones as well. Not only are we seeing fresh new faces from the students, we are also seeing some from teachers, faculty, administration and even a new principal. The new administration, and the new principal have already made some impressive changes towards the school. They have started by getting the students some new books for our English classes, and also changed the dress code. It is a no brainer that some of the students are satisfied with the changes, but are also very excited for what the new staff has to offer.

Mrs. Hemmings has returned to Shaw with nothing but an open mind to the wonderful year ahead of our students. Even though she isn’t working with her old co-worker Mr. Maynard, she has the delight to be introduced to two new administrators to help her with around the school. Mr. Harris and Dr. Hendrick are very excited to be working beside Mrs. Hemmings and to get to know all the students. Both have been a part of the school district in some way. Hendrick has been around the districts for 22 years and is certified in two states. When she heard about an opening for Shaw she just couldn’t refuse. “I was very pleased to hear about the great environment that our students have with one another.” Hendrick said, “I also love how the students have a lot of pride, respect and humility towards the school.” So far she is very impressed with the way the school operates and how the teachers are truly devoted to their students. “I expect great things to come from Shaw, as well as keeping the tradition, and building on structure.”

Mr. Harris is our new Discipline Dean, which means he oversees all discipline and gives the students the proper punishment. This would be his 7th year working with students from elementary to high school. So far, he has enjoyed the Raider experience and would like to continue his stay here at Shaw. “[Shaw] has such a great environment,” Harris said, “the students have a lot of activities that they could get involved in and it’s just wonderful.” Over a short amount of time, Harris has shown a lot of passion into this school and wants nothing but the best from Shaw.

Not only do the new administrators expect a great year from Shaw but so do the new principal Mr. Herring. This is Herring’s first year being a principal at Shaw, but it is also his 5th year being a principal overall. He has been a part of students from elementary to high school for 19 years. Before he came to Shaw High School, he was given a job out of state, and unfortunately didn’t like the results very well. He was very pleased to have a good friend, who works at Muscogee County, to tell him about the job opening at Shaw. Since he has walked in the building, he has been overjoyed to see where this year will take him and the students. “I am very impressed with the school,” said Herring, “I am in love with the diversity and the culture of this school.” Herring’s plans for this school are for the students to succeed and to improve on the school’s structure. Though he wants big changes out of this year, he first wants to get to know the school and the students.

This school year will definitely be a change compared to last year, but not only does the faculty expect good things, so do the students. Victor Dudley, a senior who has been attending Shaw for all four years, has only good things to say about the new administrators. “It is different but the adjustment is good.” said Dudley. “I expect eventful things to happen at Shaw.” So far everyone is off to a great year at Shaw and the new staff and faculty will make it a great year to being a Shaw Raider.