Mrs. Andria Horne

Guidance Counselor


The counseling program at Rigdon Road Elementary School is designed to be preventive and developmental. My goal is to assist your child in reaching his/her highest potential. I am available to work with students and parents. Students may be referred to the counselor by: parents, teachers, or administrators. Students may also request to see the counselor. Some of the services available through the counseling program are:

Classroom Guidance Activities – Counselor teaches units, such as: Conflict Resolution, Drug Awareness, Study Skills, Test Taking Skills, Career Awareness and Exploration, Self-Esteem and Communication Skills. This service is provided to all students. Topics and objectives are developed by the State Department of Education.

Group Activities – Counselor conducts small group counseling sessions outside the classroom setting to respond to students’ identified interests or needs. Small group counseling may be immediate-response or long term counseling. Topics may include: Anger Management, Conflict Resolution,
Dealing with Divorce, Academic Improvement, and Handling of Death or Loss.

Individual Counseling – Counselor meets individually with students to discuss issues as needed.

Workshops – Various workshops will be offered throughout the school year to allow parents to share and learn effective ways to help their children be successful in school.

These are a few of the services that I offer. If you have any questions or wish to speak with me about your child, please call the school at (706) 565-2989 and/or email me at I am excited to work with you and the students at Rigdon Road Elementary this year!!! Let’s Have a Beary Good School Year!

Andria Horne, School Counselor

The main goal for all counselors is to help make the school experience a positive one so that the students’ fullest potential can be reached, becoming happy, healthy, contributing members of society!