Ms. Leonard’s Class

Dear Parents,

We have just completed division, however students still need to review this skill.  Please check with your student to find out the strategy they have chosen.  Most of the students use repeated subtraction or area models, instead of standard algorithm.  You can watch lessons modeling repeated subtraction and area models on Youtube.

In the upcoming weeks we will be learning how to:

  • read, write, compare decimals.
  • add/subtract decimals
  • divide decimals
  • multiply decimals

Ms. Leonard’s class

Good Afternoon parents,

This week in Math we are recognizing a digit in one place represents 10  as much as it did in the place to its right, and 1/10 the value of the place to its left.  Please view the attached parent letter for more information about what we have been learning and what we will be learning in Math this 9 weeks.  Thank you. Ms. Leonard

Download (PDF, 209KB)