JVHS Dual Enrollment

Our dual enrollment program allows selected students to take college courses that count as credit for both high school and college. Students have the opportunity to advance their education more quickly, explore courses of interest, and receive their higher education degree at a lower overall cost.

One of the advantages of dual enrollment is the ability to experience the dynamics of college courses before actually entering college. Students can compare high school and college academic demands so that they can begin their first year of college with a working knowledge of what to expect. Because these courses are offered as part of a high school curriculum, students are able to take Columbus Technical College courses free of charge. Not only will students save on tuition costs, but the courses are conveniently taught on campus at Jordan Vocational High School enabling students to become familiar with the work load of a college course in the comfort of a familiar setting.


Dual Enrollment Courses at Jordan Vocational High School

ENGL 1101  Composition and Literature
ENGL 1102  British Literature
ENGL 1105  Speech
ENGL 2130  American Literature
HIST 2111  U.S. History I
HIST 2112  U.S. History II
MATH 1111  College Algebra
SOCI 1101  Sociology