What the hail?

Thought I'd get your attention with that subject line!  Have you ever walked through HELL?  Or what you perceived to be HELL?  HELL on Earth, anyways!  That muck and mire of the craziness of life?  When perceptions are skewed, realities are feeble, and hope seems a...

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Swingset Hands

The cliché “an oldie but a goodie” conjures up many thoughts about things from our past.  From cars made of actual metal that could run into many a pillar at the gas pumps and never leave a dent, to self-rising flour that actually rises, to being able to buy a gumball...

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Itsy Bitsy Spider

On a recent sunny, warm Sunday afternoon, I was going to sit on the back porch and do a little reading.  I opened the back door and was startled by this humongous spider right in front of my face.  I assumed it to be a SHE, based on my readings of Charlotte's Web,...

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