Good News at J.D. Davis!

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Above and Beyond Team Leader

May 2018

Ms. Cheryl Williams

Proud Pre-K Instructional Paraprofessional

Ms. Williams is being recognized for her unwavering dedication, motherly attributes when working with scholars, ability to build and maintain positive and genuine relationships with parents, staff, and scholars, and willingness to step-up to help complete various tasks inside and outside of the classroom.

Some of the above and beyond contributions of Ms. Williams include:

  • Greeting scholars and staff members each morning with a big smile and hug
  • Assisting staff during challenging moments
  • Mentoring Scholars and correcting them when they make choices not aligned with values and expectations
  • Sharing creative ideas to improve the organization
  • Serving as a sub
  • Staying late to wait with scholars
  • Assisting in the front office after school with answering the phone, taking inventory, addressing envelopes and providing customer service

Ms. Cheryl Williams has a big heart that shines brightly in all that she does.

Congratulations, Ms. Cheryl Williams


Above and Beyond Teacher Leader

March 2018

Mrs. Lakita McClian

Proud Lead Instructional Paraprofessional

Mrs. McClain is being recognized for her dedication, positive attitude in the midst of daily challenges, and ability to multi-task various duties and responsibilities each day.

Some of the above and beyond tasks of Mrs. McClain include:

  • Greeting scholars each morning with a big smile
  • Training new team members
  • Organizing fundraiser and other campus events
  • Providing scheduled and unscheduled coverage
  • Serving as a sub
  • Being eager to share new ideas and ways to improve school safety and the daily operation of the organization
  • Attending after hours parent meetings and school events
  • Serving as the coordinator of our Junior Cadets and broadcast team

Mrs. McClain has a big heart that shines brightly in all that she does. She extends her time and talents each day of the week, and she has embraced the vision of Team Davis!

Congratulations, Mrs. McClain!


Congratulations to our very own Ms. Mimi Reese, recipient of The Golden Apple Award from WRBL and Kinetic Credit Union! Ms. Reese was honored because of her hard work and dedication to her students!

Above and Beyond Teacher Leader 

February 2018

Mrs. Crystal Townsend

Proud Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Townsend is being recognized for her eagerness and willingness to try new strategies. This year alone, she has implemented daily guided reading groups, daily writing across the curriculum, math collaborative groups, and tickets out the door.

When visiting Mrs. Townsend’s classroom, you will observe will established rituals and routines, modeling of expectations, engaging investigations by scholars, and the teacher serving as a facilitator of learning.

Mrs. Townsend embraced the uniqueness of each scholar and created a culture of family between the 4 walls of her classroom. She extends that culture by baking cookies for scholar’s birthday’s, giving scholars nicknames that describe their personalities, and correcting scholars in a firm yet loving manner when they make wrong choices.

Congratulations, Mrs. Townsend!


Above and Beyond Teacher Leader

January 2018

Ms. Kimberly Vaujin – Proud Pre-K teacher!

Our Above and Beyond teacher leader this month goes to a teacher who goes beyond the expected in her classroom. She teaches in many different ways to make sure her scholars master the standards. She has established a learning environment where scholars are engaged and excited about learning. Her classroom is a safe culture, where her scholars eagerly participate and offer their ideas.

This teacher was recently observed doing a lesson on graphing. Scholars were first questioned about their favorite place to go and their answers were recorded on an anchor chart. Next, scholars were asked to vote for their favorite place and those votes were recorded on an anchor chart in bar graph form. Scholars then made unfix block towers to match the votes for their favorite places. Towers were compared to determine the longest and shortest, the one with the most votes with the fewest. To finish off the lesson, scholars marched in a parade around the room with their block towers.

This would be an amazing lesson in any grade level, but this lesson was taught in a Pre-K classroom! We are so fortunate to have this teacher as a part of our JD Davis faculty, preparing Pre-K scholars with a strong foundation to enter kindergarten next year.

Congratulations, Ms. Vaujin!


Above and Beyond Teacher Leader

December 2017

Ms. Tamika Blythers

Proud Fifth Grade Teacher

Ms. Blythers is being recognized for motivating her scholars to take ownership of their learning and encouraging them to achieve personal levels of academic success.

When in this teacher’s classroom, you will observe scholars engaged in collaborative structures, working on Achieve 3000, using technology to research a topic, writing an extended response to text, or completing a graphic organizer. The teacher makes learning fun and engaging by asking higher order thinking questions, creating and using anchor charts, and connecting learning to the real world.

In addition, the teacher ensures that her scholars are afforded daily opportunities to reflect upon their academic performance and devise an action plan for improvement and success.

Congratulations, Ms. Blythers!


Above and Beyond Teacher Leader

November 2017

Mrs. Christie Griffin

Proud Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Griffin is being recognized for empowering her scholars to take ownership of their learning by setting and monitoring quarterly academic and behavior goals. Each week, the teacher confers with her scholars as they log and graph their weekly assessments. Students use data and visuals to track their progress throughout the 9 weeks. Not only do the scholars track their data, they can verbalize their weekly progress.

In addition to tracking data with fidelity, she takes time to collaborate with our Partner in Education and obtain resources and supplies for the school and JD Davis families.

Each week, she plans and implements hands-on, inquiry based engaging lessons for her scholar in an effort to make learning fun.

Congratulations, Mrs. Griffin!


Above and Beyond Teacher Leader

October 2017

Mrs. Tiffiny Rigsby

Proud Kindergarten Teacher


Mrs. Rigsby is being recognized for her excitement and willingness to adopt and implement Guided Reading and station rotations into her instructional day.

Every day, scholars can be observed:

  • Reading and recognizing sight words
  • Using picture cues
  • Tracking print left to right
  • Making predictions
  • Activating prior knowledge
  • Identifying story elements
  • Retelling
  • Sequencing and
  • Discussing what they see in text

These practices are meeting the academic needs of her scholars and developing a community of readers.

Congratulations, Mrs. Rigsby!


Above and Beyond Teacher Leader

September 2017

Mrs. Mimi Reese

Proud Third Grade Teacher

Mrs. Reese is being recognized for implementing innovative practices to increase student achievement. Some of the practices that have been observed by administration, academic coaches, and consultants are: High expectations of her scholars; quick behavior corrections; explicit modeling; enthusiasm when teaching; and a learning environment where scholars are highly engaged, share their thinking, ask questions, and work in collaborative groups. Her passion for teaching and learning shows as she advocates for her scholars, collaborate with her peers, and build relationships with her parents.


October 25th, 2017 was our very first “Celebration of Learning” of the school year! We recognized AB honor roll, All A honor roll, perfect attendance, good behavior, Smarty Ants and Achieve 3000 goals, and students with the most library check outs. To reward the accomplishments of our scholars, they were given passes to Launch, book bag tags, books, or bracelets! We proud of our scholars and look forward to honoring more of them next 9 weeks!

Our very first Family Spaghetti Social was a big success!

We heard from Ms. Vernita Harris about what services are available for scholars with special needs in Muscogee County. Ms. Manetres Bell, our Title I Parenting Liason also shared with parents what is available to help their scholars at our school! Ms. Williams and Mr. Warren answered some questions for parents, and our PTSA got started and nominated officers for the year! Big things are happening at JD Davis!

A HUGE thanks goes out to our very own Mrs. Moreland for planning and organizing this fun event for our scholars and their families!

January 25th was our 2nd quarter “Celebration of Learning” at J.D. Davis! Once again, we recognized our straight A scholars, AB honor roll scholars, and our scholars that were meeting goals in various academic areas! We’re so proud of everything you do scholars!